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Marinated herring in house conditions of

Good afternoon friends! Marinated herring in house conditions - it is fine alternative to the salty or marinated herring bought in shop. If you do not know how to pickle herring in house conditions, then look below at the given recipes and you will choose that which will be to you to taste.

Herring marinated in house conditions

we Take:

1 piece of fresh
herring 1 onion
1 of h l.
1 sugar of h l.
2 salts table. l.
vegetable oil 1 table. l.
vinegar &ndash ground black pepper; to taste
a coriander
we Prepare

1. It is desirable to use fresh herring for pickling, but also frozen too will approach. Main thing - defreeze it in the natural way, do not resort to use of a microwave or water at all.

2. So, herring clean, remove the head and interiors. Wash out the made fillet under water, spread out on a board having turned internal the party up.

3. Salt, sugar and you sbryzgnit vinegar. Fans of a coriander, can strew with it from above. After that curtail herring, turn in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

4. Cut ready herring on pieces, water with sunflower oil, and from above put onions ringlets.

Marinated herring in a tomato

we Take:

1 kg of
1 herring of h l.
1 sugar of h l.
salts of 100 ml of
vegetable oil of 250 g of
tomato juice of 70 ml of
vinegar of 2 pieces of the
bay leaf 4 onions (medium-sized)
of bitter &ndash pepper; a pinch
we Prepare

1. Clean herring and divide into fillet. Prepare marinade: connect tomato juice, salt, sugar, vinegar, oil, add pepper and bay leaf and bring to boiling.
2. Cut some fillet small pieces, and cut onions rings. Further herring shift the capacity suitable for this purpose, shifting it rings of onions and fill in with hot marinade.

3. Use hot marinade, but not boiling. After you filled in herring with marinade, it is necessary to leave it at the room temperature before full cooling. Then send to cold approximately for 1 days.

Herring, marinated on - Norwegian - we Take the recipe


herring 1 onion
of 200 ml of
1 milk stak.
waters of 100 ml of
vinegar of 4 pieces of the
0,5 peppercorn of h l.
sugar of 2 pieces of the
1 bay leaf of h l. grated
0,5 carrot p. of l. grated
horse-radish we Prepare

1. It will be better if you for this recipe take large and fat

Marinated herring in house conditions
a herring.
Connect milk to water. In the received liquid wet herring and leave for 10 - 12 hours.

2. After that clean fish, remove interiors, divide into fillet and cut on pieces.

3. We prepare marinade. For this purpose mix vinegar, grated carrots, sugar, pepper and horse-radish. Stack herring pieces, and from above put onions rings, fill in all this with marinade and clean to the cool place.
of Day through three, herring will be ready to giving to a table.

Pleasant to you appet that!