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Crookedly - means correctly? Bergen: alone to the city of

there are in our life trips which are difficult for forgetting. No, the speech not about happy events or disorders. Something inexplicable, insinuating - feeling which will leave in you the place on Earth. As though you got the new acquaintance, and precisely know that he will change your life. It - about Bergen.

When you plan the next cultural sortie to Europe, of course, by the inquiry find exhaustive information on history of a point on the map, its sights and features. Nastuchav “Bergen“, you will find the detailed description of the shipyard the Bryggen entered in the list of objects of the world heritage of UNESCO, surely learn about a house museum of Edward Grieg (and at the same time and that here he was born) … about well-known for the whole world Phish a market, about superiority of Hanseatic merchants over kings and that Bergen was short time the capital of Norway, and important and large port was always. From the basic - all. The museums are to everyone clear. The funicular - it is cool. On it, ladies and gentlemen, excursion it is ended, and free time before the departure home is provided to you. Here it - that is also necessary for us. We leave, we leave, we leave …


Perhaps, you already live in part of the globe where it is possible just to walk, reflect, smoke and to smile to itself - at any time, released by destiny. I live in St. Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia, and I cannot afford such luxury. I am afraid. Even in the white nights. Well, why to look for to the own harm troubles? That is the same. And here to you small Bergen and its 300 thousand inhabitants suprotiv mine 5 - ti millions. And these 300 thousand inhabitants at Friday evening and Saturdays - do not sleep. At least, their most part precisely. They shout in clubs by drunk voices, they walk on the city and vicinities, everywhere. In windows in which it is necessary to look instead of curtains the empty lit kitchens with absolutely tidied up table and a working zone - well it is clear that you will glance … Bryuggen Embankment: shipyard. Absolutely curve walls and the warped doors. How they in general stand? And it is harmonious, really. Well. Slightly aside from the central embankment and adynamic Holberg on a pedestal - and streets become higher, vkradchivy, is more green, come to an end with harbor more sharply. It is possible to wander about the city not one hour, suddenly natykayas on ancient churches, pig-iron profiles Grieg and playful concepts of bergensky studiozus again. And houses: of course, houses. Wooden with roofs of prospects a tile, ladders and a moshchyonka. Everything is curve and everything is correct, misters architects, but it is safe even taking into account alcohol. Young blockheads paint walls and doors with cylinders, as on your entrance. Ugly, but … it is even more air. Put

of Air even too much here: Bergen joking call the city of the broken umbrellas (by the way, I plan near Holberg on the embankment establishment of a brass monument to the broken umbrella. Steal idea until I am busy by others). Morning can be clear, day rainy, then wind, a rain, snow and insinuating silent twilight … But it does not disturb you, so?

Having reported to itself and relatives in little shops of the Bryggen (elks, thimbles with the Bryggen, trolls and a cup of hot chocolate, take me too), it is possible to visit the museums of the city. From here is what to bring in respect of cultural impressions: more to the left of the Bryggen there is a Bryuggensky museum in which you can by means of exhibits - archeological finds not only to learn unusual and saturated history of the town which became the city in far to XI - m a century thanks to Olaf Tikhy, but even to see the real runes dated 1000 - m year of an our era, will be able to imagine Bergen XIV - go centuries - the Golden Age of this city.

The saturated exposition of the Museum of arts consisting of three certain buildings will acquaint you with works of the Norwegian artists, with works of painters and sculptors of Europe and the whole world, and also separate exposition of crafts and is decorative - applied art (including the Chinese ethnics and the collection of Buddhist sculptures, largest in Europe, from marble). So, a time span - from XV - go centuries up to now.

In principle, it is two museums which it would be desirable to recommend if your trip for a while. Further - the Museum “Old Bergen“ that under the open sky. In it as if the city of the XVIII-XIX centuries, 40 wooden buildings is rearranged and kept. Memory of the wooden city which transferred one destructive war and at least two so destructive fires last of which happened not so long ago to historical measures - in 1916.

Further - along port, admiring the ancient moorings and the modern industries which is organically combined. Yes, oil power. And for some reason it does not cause habitual irritation. On the way back, all for the same reporting, in Phish a market. When you go on the embankment, it will be difficult to you to define what the sculptural composition in the center directly opposite to memorial “door“ of UNESCO at shipyard the Bryggen is. And so, it is the bronze sculptural composition of Sofus Madsen devoted to heroism of the seamen who died at the time of 1 - y World war.

What there at us at the rate? Ah yes, Phish market. And with the big fish an armpit we leave and we notice that soon …


And therefore we will go to watch a decline over Bergen. Raise the head: this is Flyoen. The most known and not most difficult mountain for rise directly over the city. Yes, exactly there from the center the funicular - only eight minutes and a two-three of stops can lift you: from transport locals leave and come. They live here whether you understand … But we will rise by the mountain on foot, along conveniently laid route, and the same locals in pants and undershirts will overtake us who were out of breath moreover smokers on the run that in general it is inconceivable, - run. At first we will consider amusing wooden houses, then parked at an angle in 45 degrees the friend behind a car druzhka (honestly I admit, I so will not be able), and then - here and there as tags, unusual trees and unexpected monuments. Well and totems are closer to top, in the form of trolls. Or trolls in the form of totems. Or totems in pants and undershirts … And, already all the same. Let`s sit on a shop … Above there is a special observation deck, of course, souvenir little shop, cafe … and a view of the city. Fjord. The Bergensky peninsula as it is. Port. There, further, again fjord. You walking below with the big fish an armpit, roofs, parks, the areas, Ludwig Holberg and a brass monument to the broken umbrella - too are part of the Universe. And the sun - same, as well as yours. Well, just yours.

We go down?
That`s all. It is time to go home. However, if you have an opportunity to go to Bergen for several days, it is far better. In the city a set of the interesting museums and expositions connected with fishery, a seamanship, history, the nature, environmental protection, here very interesting cultural atmosphere: it as flash somewhere since the end of XVIII - go centuries and till our days, God grant to it health. Painters, fabulists, composers and “multidevotees“ it is similar to the violinist Ole Bull, - they sate Bergen not only a large number of the galleries and workshops located all in the same center - and some special manner. And on the other hand - the nature. Numerous routes, “goat tracks“, and every time landscapes, surprising on the variety and restraint.

Instead of “on the leg course“: in Norway in the course Norwegian krone (apart from souvenir shops, of course) so put a grist in euro back in a box. And concerning plastic cards: there are places where yours the master - cards and other advantages not in honor - in the course the cards. But, say, you will surely find convenient ATMs for a cache in the airport - an exchange.

At way? At way. You know, there are ancient cities, but is perfect without soul. Is young, but with the some habit and article special. Bergen - the city insinuating, fascinating, it is only necessary to stop and calm breath. He charismatic (forgive me this washed off to the dreena - Greek), as well as my St. Petersburg - inspires and forces to make plans. For this reason also I wish you to get acquainted with Bergen closer. Especially that whose life is connected with professions creative - to artists, great thinkers and, of course, Shkolyzhizni`s authors. ru.