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Breastfeeding. How to overcome laktostaz?

Laktostaz, or stagnation of milk, does not avoid the feeding mothers. It occurs at one at the beginning of feeding, at others can occur also on the second year of feeding by a breast. Laktostaz is an obstruction of a dairy channel, the main cause of illness - bad depletion of a breast or one its share. So, what main symptoms of a laktostaz and how to cope with it.

Symptoms of a laktostaz:

- consolidation of a mammary gland;
- breast pain;
- reddening and hypostasis of a breast;
- temperature increase of a body.

Many mothers are afraid of high temperature and the scary diagnosis “mastitis“, but, as a rule, when feedings on demand mastitis develops very seldom and can arise approximately through three - four days since the beginning of a laktostaz. For this reason it is so important to organize correctly improvement of work of a mammary gland and to get rid of obstruction of a channel. The most important way in fight against stagnation is frequent applying of the kid to a sore breast. At actively sucking child and competent applying improvement can come within several hours, and consolidation can even not be formed.

Reasons of stagnation of milk:

Feedings on the mode or feedings less than in 2 hours. Such schedule is not useful to either mother, or the child as it leads to bad depletion of a breast.

the Wrong applying to a breast. Pay attention as the kid takes a breast, he has to take both a nipple and to an aura. In addition mother can sometimes hold during feeding part of a breast with a finger though it is not necessary to do it as it is possible to press a channel.

Squeezing of a breast bra or close clothes.

the Inconvenient pose for a dream; for example, the pose “on a stomach“ just promotes obstruction of a channel.

Unreasonable continuous decantation of a breast after feedings.

the Admission of feeding because of absence. Leaving on affairs for 2 - 3 hours can promote formations of stagnation as laktostaz - more the phenomenon physiological, and arises from - for breast structures therefore some mothers in the first months can have such problem.

breast Injury, including cracks of nipples.

the Stressful state at mother. How to overcome laktostaz

applying of the kid is Usually enough to correct

and to offer the child a breast as often as possible, it is important to pay attention that the breast has to be offered according to the mother`s requirement. Anyway at temperature increase it is necessary to cause on the house of the therapist and to be convinced that there are no other diseases. If there is opportunity, it is desirable to invite the consultant for breastfeeding.

It is necessary to take temperature not only under mice, but also in an elbow bend as from - for painful breasts, it can be overestimated.

It is desirable for mother to observe a bed rest.

At a break it is more than two hours or in hard cases of a laktostaz additional decantations are necessary, but you should not be decanted after each feeding, otherwise the organism will apprehend them as a signal to additional production of milk that it is fraught with a series of laktostaz. Before decantation it is possible to take a warm shower or to put the rag which is previously wetted by warm water to a breast. After the easy movements massage a breast, beginning from the basis, try to pay attention to shares where milk stood. Then apply the child to a breast in order that he could dososat the milk remains. Often one full decantation and frequent applying is enough that the problem with stagnation of milk was resolved.

Change a pose when applying the child, you remember that the kid empties better that share where his chin is directed during feeding.

At bad shipping of the increased temperature it is necessary to drink febrifugal. At GV paracetamol reception is allowed, before use of other medicines it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

At stagnation of milk it is possible to make compresses of cabbage sheets or cottage cheese. Besides compresses it is possible to use homeopathic ointments, it can be “Arnica“, “Traumels“.

The doctor can appoint special physioprocedures.

In case after feeding consolidation becomes softer, body temperature is restored, it is possible to consider a problem solved. But if improvement does not come in two days, it is necessary to see a doctor anew for further inspection.

That it is impossible to do at stagnation of milk

to Cease to nurse. The breastfeeding termination will only aggravate current situation.

the Warming compresses. Earlier was considered that the main thing at treatment of a laktostaz - spirit compresses, but they only worsen a situation as alcohol blocks allocation of oxytocin. As this hormone is responsible for release of milk, with its reduction stagnation can only be aggravated.

Aggressive massage. In the people there is an opinion that at stagnation of milk and mastitis it is just necessary to mass actively a breast - “to break stones“, but it cannot be done. Strong squeezing of mammary glands can do much harm to the feeding mother, at active massage there can be peredavlena dairy channels and their obstruction will happen once again. At mastitis massage can promote further distribution of an infection.

to Steam out a breast, to take a hot bath.

nobody Can allow to rassasyvat a breast, except the child, especially the husband cannot suggest to make it!

to Limit liquid, especially at temperature increase. you Remember

, your health in your hands. As well as other diseases, laktostaz it is easier to prevent, than to treat. The main preventive measure in cases of stagnation of milk is feeding on demand .