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How to communicate to the adult with the child?

Appear, presently not all attach importance to communication. People do not reflect for what they communicate in spite of the fact that they are engaged in it all day long. So what requires communication?

of People - a social being therefore it needs to share information, nobility and understand surrounding people, to feel necessary. By means of communication of people learns to think, expands the experience, builds the relations, it is formed as the personality. And the first experience of communication we, being small children, we receive in a family.

“Children are sacred and pure. Even at robbers and crocodiles they consist in an angelic rank. We can climb in any hole, but have to shroud them in the atmosphere, decent to their rank. It is impossible to pokhabnichat with impunity at their presence... it is impossible to do them by a toy of the mood: it is gentle to kiss, without restraint to stamp on them legs...“ A. P. Chekhov.

Today already for anybody not a secret that communication is vital to chest babies. They constantly send signals the gestures, a mimicry, sounds. So kids express the requirements and feelings. And if adults try to listen, play, embrace more the child, then it will positively affect his development.

At more advanced age communication has absolutely not smaller value. And the first, and perhaps, and the most important recipe for high-quality communication with the child is the love. No councils, any rules of communication and education of the child will yield positive result without love, is as if diligent you them executed. Parents who sincerely love the children do not wave away from cares, are not irritated from - for problems of the child constantly, and create human, sincere, positive, thoughtful communication in the house. Such communication bears to children kindness, a positive, positive emotional energy, giving them pleasure of life and happiness of the childhood. Children love the adults creating around such atmosphere, bathe in it, test pleasure and genuine happiness. To all participants of communication from it it is good. It can not always be explained with words, but it is possible to feel and feel. More no recipes exist, this most important.

To improve quality of communication there are useful tips.

1. That communication with the child was more productive, ask it directly what your words and phrases offend him and what he would like to clean from your speech. After obtaining the answer keep calm and begin to correct the speech immediately.

2. Under no circumstances do not use silence, especially, do not punish silence. It perniciously influences communication and does your child by the neurotic.

3. It is the simplest to abuse the child when he does something not so. It is more difficult to understand why it acts this way therefore notice that it is created with an inner world of the child. Better to understand the child, suggest it to write several expressions characterizing you on a leaflet. Keep in mind that the result can be for you unexpected. But you have to reflect quietly over this information, understand what image you are to the child and over what it is necessary to work.

4. Play role-playing games. Let your children will become your parents, and you are children. You learn a lot of things about yourself, but be patient, draw conclusions.

5. Communicate with the child through creativity. Together with it draw, sew, read, dance, remake verses, think out draws, play in theater, write notes... Much still what can be thought up for joint creativity. It will not only adjust communication, but also to promote progress and achievements of your child in the future.

6. You monitor the speech. Do not hit the child question with a question (“Unless to you not clearly?“). Reduce rhetorical questions (“That I told you?“). Do not compare the child to other children (“And why Masha managed to cope with a task?). Do not call bad words of the child, even for fun (“Ah, you are a little fool mine!“). Do not name the child Pashka, Mashka, and use umenshitelno more - caressing forms of a name.

7. Read more, be interested in education of children, work on yourself, change for the better, enjoy communication and education of the children.

Create kind, positive communication in the house, doing at the same time themselves and is happier than the children.