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Lime. Whether it is worth including it in the diet?

Outside the spring, still cool, but for some reason does not please you this remarkable season. In what the reason? Everything is very simple: the organism lacks vitamins, especially Page. You do not hurry to run in a drugstore behind an askorbinka. There is quite adequate replacement: it is possible to eat orange or grapefruit, for example. Already became boring? Then be going to taste new fruit - a lime.

the Lime is a relative of a lemon, it is only less. Brightly - green or zheltovato - green fruits of an oval form have the size from 3 to 6 cm a lime tastes like a lemon, but it sourer and juicy.

Limes are grown up in India and Iran and exported to the different countries of the world. The lime is very popular in the USA, in large numbers it is cultivated in California, Florida and Mexico. Limes got great popularity as a powerful tool from a scurvy long ago. For example, in the 19th century this fruit without fail joined in a diet of crews of the British warships. The lime is widely applied in cookery, especially at production of drinks and fruit desserts. It is used and at production of natural elite cosmetics.

the Lime - a well of vitamins and minerals

the Lime can call

royal fruit on concentration of vitamin C in it. Its one small fruit contains about 20 mg! At shortage of this important vitamin our organism begins “to be depressed“: the blood pressure raises, the tendency to development of osteoporosis and predisposition to oncological diseases appears. I will notice that standard daily rate of vitamin C for the adult of 75 - 90 mg.

Except an askorbinka contains in one lime many useful substances which are taking part in a krovoobrazovaniye and maintenance of a bone tissue of an organism in a healthy state: potassium - 85 mg, calcium and phosphorus - more than 20 mg, are a lot of iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and sodium. In small fruit 10 g of carbohydrates and to 3 g of dietary fibers are concluded (these are about 7 - 10% of day norm of consumption). Dietary fibers are very important for the correct work of a gastrointestinal tract.

the Lime for our health

the High content of vitamin C helps an organism to cope with ORZ and flu. At the regular use of a lime immunity of an organism increases and diseases of respiratory system are prevented .

Inclusion of a lime in a food allowance considerably of improves digestion process . Pulp and juice of a lime, getting in zheludochno - an intestinal path, begin to work like natural enzymes. They help production of digestive juice and bile. Remarkable citrus aroma a miracle - fruit prepares an organism for meal, promoting increase of salivation and secretion of digestive juice. Flavonoids (powerful antioxidants) are found in a lime. They help with treatment of stomach ulcers and a duodenum.

Flavonoids possess also antibiotic properties and help to keep sight and to save our eyes from various infections. the Flavonoids which are contained in a green thin skin of a lime help

also with prevention of oncological diseases. Some flavonoids stop a deleniyekletok of many kinds of cancer tumors.

By means of juice of a lime it is possible to reduce considerably the weight and always to remain in a good form . For this purpose it is necessary to mix lime juice with warm water and to drink twice a day. Warm mix contains lemon acid and a large amount of antioxidants. They accelerate a metabolism and promote fast combustion of fats. The drink made thus contains a minimum of calories, very fragrant and nice to the taste. At its continuous use you will feel result in 7 - 10 days.

the Lime in cosmetics

Extracts from a lime are an important component of popular cosmetics. The lime came into the view of cosmetologists as in it the high content of vitamin C and citrus flavonoids. These substances protect skin from stressful influence of environment, give it softness and silkiness. Addition of natural ingredients from a lime in deodorants reduces perspiration of skin, masks unpleasant smells of a body and protects cells of epidermis from pathogenic bacteria.

The most pleasant procedure for improvement of skin is a heat weakening bath with lime juice. It has the rejuvenating effect, protects from skin infections, gives freshness and beauty to your body.

Several useful tips on the use of a lime

Each person daily, is free and involuntarily, consumes a huge amount of salt. Sausage, sausages, salty fish and tens more of names of products contain concentration of salt hazardous to health. Partial refusal of salt excesses is a first step to a healthy lifestyle. A lime - remarkable alternative of salt . Pleasant citrus aroma does a dish tasty, and you will not even notice that there is practically no salt. Apply pieces of a lime and its juice to make chicken breasts, marinated fish and other favourite foods.

I like to cook various fruit desserts with a lime . Here one of my favourite recipes.

It will be required to us: 1 lime, 250 g of tinned pineapples, nectarine, half of red grapefruit, 2 green apples, pomegranate, 100 g of sugar.

We squeeze out juice of a lime, a skin from the rest we rub on a small grater, then we spread in a pan, we fill up with sugar and we add a half-glass of water. On slow fire we stir slowly contents before full dissolution of sugar. Ready syrup needs to be cooled and added lime juice. We clear a nectarine and apples of a core, we cut them straws. We clean grapefruit, we delete films and we cut in cubes. We pull out kernels from pomegranate. Including pineapple, we mix all prepared fruit in a salad bowl, we fill in with citrus syrup and we put for an hour in the refrigerator. With little effort the tasty fruit dessert is ready.

Here such he is a little and modest relative of a lemon. But if you pay the attention to a lime and include it in a daily diet, then you will not regret …