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What to do if you have no tripod, and the photo is very necessary to you?

On the website “Fotokto. ru“ very interesting discussion was started: whether it is possible to make a good night picture without very expensive professional camera and the same support? Persons interested can look there and at once be up on, and I will save time and I will replace with the short reference a long preamble.

It is unconditional, my opponents are right: having a very expensive professional chamber and the support corresponding to it on quality and the price moreover being able all this economy it is correct to use, it is possible to receive high-quality night photos. To silly challenge obvious.

But... French say that “but“ it is possible to drive all Paris into one. And here is available a little “But“.

All this professional machinery costs very much. And even quite wealthy person (if he does not make good money photobusiness) will think whether it is worth being spent for bulky and very burdensome toys.

From here the second follows “but“: to go out for a walk simply with a weighty chamber, a bag with optics and a tripod - in any way it will not turn out. In sense - it will be not walk, but march any more - a throw with the full calculation which is more expensive and more gentle than antiquarian service. And still it is necessary to care that you did not facilitate on part of the calculation until you with concentration creatively ekstazirovat with other part. I assure, there are already many bad people who perfectly understand what from a fotoimushestvo of good people deserves their closest and active attention.

The third and the most important “but“: at placement on the Internet the difference between the pictures made expensive professional chambers and not the cheapest, but nevertheless amateur fotika disappears.

I somehow even made small experiment. Laid out the pictures made well very different equipment and suggested public to define, than each picture is made. In accuracy nobody guessed! It is asked why then to be spoiled if having on a shoulder / in a pocket an easy graceful and inexpensive bagatelle, it is possible to receive exactly the same most that having on a hump a suitcase with problems?

We will pass to business.

What for such special conditions at night / evening shooting? Very simply: weak lighting. Therefore, in order that the photosensitive element - a matrix or a film - gathered the portion of energy necessary for creation of the picture, a lot of time is required. Or there is not a lot of time, but then it is necessary to pay for increase of sensitivity: granularity of a film or noise of a matrix. (The film has advantage here. When shooting motionless objects on long endurance granularity of a low-sensitive film does not increase, and here the matrix with pleasure accumulates excess color points from any there thermal, tunnel and other effects.)

On the other hand, at long endurance it is inevitable smaz images of any a little - malsk of mobile objects. Or motionless - due to trembling of hands of the photographer.

In all decent amateur cameras there is mode of “night shooting“, and even several such modes calculated for work “from hands“ and from a support. And there still “inside“ there are distinctions between chambers. God with them.

In what the main tsimmes of any night mode? In increase of sensitivity and simultaneous suppression of noise by intra chamber software. I emphasize this moment: intra chamber. Unlike a set of shumodavny programs for the personal computer, they are developed and optimized by specialists of firm - the manufacturer under this this model, with this matrix, optics and the processor that there is a big advantage before “external“ programs with which it is necessary to potter separately little, so it is necessary also to be able to have a high from this fuss!

In fact what it is necessary to us to have a good night picture? Correctly chosen night mode and an immovability of a matrix at the time of shooting. I repeat: matrix immovability!

That is it is necessary that the optical stabilizer was switched on. Some models of chambers include it automatically upon transition to the night modes, some demand manual inclusion or combine both options.

It is very good when there is a support. I mean a set portable trenozhek, suckers and a strubtsinok which not strongly bulge a pocket, but very much help out at the right time. But if that device is absent, and it is necessary to remove, we provide stability in other ways.

If conditions allow, we attach a chamber on any firm support: handrail, roof of the car, bench... If only did not fall and looked in the necessary party.

If that support is absent, we become to ourselves a support. Densely we press the view-finder to an eye, and hands to a trunk. For a back, a side, a bottom we find a reliable support or we accept the steadiest rack. We press descent smoothly, on an exhalation, planning the end of the movement of a finger is much farther, than descent will work. In a word, all as when firing. Not for nothing in English a shot and a picture - the same word!

In the absence of optical or pseudo - the optical view-finder (when there is only a screen) we act opposite. Having pressed elbows at a breast, as much as possible we distance a chamber that the thong noticeably pressed on a neck (but not to a shiver in hands.) . Rather rigid triangular design providing quite decent stability turns out.

If the situation though somehow allows, it is necessary to use automatic release including when shooting from the improvised or normal support. It is quite enough two seconds of a delay that trembling of a chamber calmed down.

Shooting with a series is very useful. If the first and last shot are bad, then in the middle for certain there will be something quite decent.

Well, and when processing the file on the computer you should not ignore Smart Sharpen and its Motion blur tool. Accurately turning the index of a corner, there it is possible to compensate not bad even a noticeable shevelenka.

Here, actually, and all. I will notice only that the described small cunnings also successfully work in badly lit room.

I will be glad if this my amateur note to somebody helped to get rid of an inferiority complex before Hassel, Blood, carriers.

And yes Svetosila will be with you!