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Addictions. How to fight with them?

the Set of, at first sight, absolutely harmless habits, bring to people of chagrin and do not allow to get rid of them by effort of the will. For example, continuous stay of hands in pockets, smoking of cigarettes, sucking of fingers, obgryzaniye of nails and many others... They not always irritate with

the owner of such habit, at the same time can negatively influence strangers. For this reason it is the best of all to get rid of addictions.

Habits should not be suppressed as in that case the grasp only increases. Than less inclusion of will less efforts over itself, especially effective is a fight against a habit. In fight against habits on command of self-control or self-discipline not always everything turns out. You should not amuse yourself with thought that you are an owner of the life.

The main condition in fight against addictions is existence of motivation.

The energy of motivation is stronger, the less strong-willed efforts should be made. The will in this case is involved minimum. For example, the person has excess weight and wants to dump it. The habit to overeat replaces intensity and unsatisfied requirements therefore it has to concentrate on idea of disposal of a habit to overeat.

From the point of view of motivation, it is necessary to reconstruct also the thoughts. It is necessary to think as follows: “It is interesting to me“, “I want it“, “It is pleasant to me“, “I wish it“. Not to include thought of type at all: “I have to“, “I am obliged“. Duties and obligations even in relation to themselves gave nothing good to nobody yet.

The habit is an automatic reception, reaction without strong-willed efforts to something. This reaction without inclusion of will can also be changed. How we react to a concrete situation, depends only on ourselves. We can friendly treat an environment, constantly cultivate positive and light thoughts, act this way as if the success is inevitable. Certainly if infinitely to draw the depressing pictures, then it will pass into a negative habit and will affect in the present and the future.

The motivation is directly connected with emotions which accompany an event, in particular a habit. It is fear, concern, vulnerability, despair which actually are result of own imagination. All this deep reasons of emergence of various situations and, as a rule, habits.

Formation of habits is promoted by endorphins - hormones of happiness and pleasure. Some scientists claim that the habit is formed within 21 days, others claim that 66 days. Though there are no explanations about it. The we have bigger satisfaction from any occupation, the quicker there takes place process of accustoming and we form a habit.

That process of disaccustoming took place also effectively and intensively, it is necessary to strengthen motivation in fight against a habit. It has to be maximum, has to attract your interest and promote disposal of a negative which you once by effort of own thoughts and will created.