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Meyn - kuna. Why these cats are so popular?

you did not reflect why meyn - kuna are so stunningly popular? Oops, at you in the head the whole long list of indisputable advantages of breed was built. And the reason can be expressed all - navsy in four words: “They have no shortcomings!“

Meyn - kuna - huge, powerful cats, with rysy brushes on ears, with the rich falling wool and, the most important, with truly angelhood. Perhaps, you, having met these magnificent cats once, already decided to get to themselves houses same. Then at first learn what has to be the adult thoroughbred meyn - kuna.


At it - that the impressive size of the cat the head has to be, of course, large and wide, in a form - the modified wedge. At a look from top to down contours of the right and left cheek have to be parallel. The small pillows vibriss developed, but which are not allocated sharply as they form the general outline of a muzzle meyn - kuna - the well-known quadrangle. Still the muzzle of this cat is called a box. Yes, also do not laugh, please! This absolutely official name. The left and right podusnik and a chin have to look as three equal and proportional segments of a muzzle. The cat has to have high and relief cheekbones.

According to the new standard, the muzzle has to be quite extended. Ah and... It was necessary to see to me kun, it is more similar to large Siberians. Whether the box was not expressed as it is necessary, whether it was insufficiently massive and a muzzle shortish and - page. Old type, in a word.

At modern thoroughbred meyn - kuna there has to be weak, almost imperceptible transition from well developed forehead to a nose lobe - such a little concave inclined line. At starotipny cats this transition was rather pronounced (because the standard demanded shorter muzzle). In the new standard it is emphasized that transition from a forehead to a lobe of a nose is only poorly planned.

Distance from the basis of ears to a nose bridge and distance from a nose bridge to a tip of a nose are equal among themselves. The round head, a direct profile or, on the contrary, too concave line of transition from a forehead to a nose - a serious shortcoming.


Massive, is flush with the top jaw and a nose. If in proportion to divide the line drawn from a nose tip to the lower point of a chin of a cat, then the chin relation to a muzzle will make 2:3. The chin which is sharply given forward is inadmissible.


Very big, highly put, wide in the basis and narrowed up. The outer edge of an ear has to begin at the level or is slightly higher than an external corner of an eye. Posts almost vertical and high, the distance between inner edges of ears has to be ideally equal to ear width in the basis. It is very important to consider this moment at selection of animals for cultivation because during growth of the head the cranium becomes wider. And as a result, especially at cats, ears “collapse“ in different directions. The standard says that the lines drawn along an outer edge of each ear have to be almost parallel. Ear length, from its tip to the internal basis, is equal to distance from the ear basis to the line of eyebrows and to distance from the line of eyebrows to a nose tip. On tips of ears the brushes directed vertically up are desirable. I want to notice that it is desirable, but it is optional. Other things being equal chances to win will increase in comparison of two animals at the one who has the ear “brushes“ growing horizontally in an internal surface of an ear.

of an Eye:

Are located

far apart, it is a little slantwise put, big, oval (pay attention, the top part of a century should not be straightened or make impression of swelled up a little). The distance between eyes is equal to eye width. Met to you in appearance strict and beetle-browed kuna? This deceptive impression arose from - for the fact that the animal had small eyes. Therefore eyes less average size are undesirable.

Almond-shaped or round eyes are inadmissible. Let`s allow any honey agaric of green color and/or gold, but the preference is given to bright brilliant color. At turtles - bikolor and white cats of an eye can be blue or raznookrashenny. Color of eyes of a cat is not connected with a color. In total for the head 40 points are charged, 25 of them it is taken away on the general form, a nose, cheeks and a muzzle, jaws and teeth, a forehead, a chin. The form and an arrangement of ears “cost“ 10 points, and a form and an arrangement of eyes.


Wide in the basis and pointed to a tip, perfectly trimmed, with the streaming wool. Its length should not be less, than all length of a body to the tail basis.


Big, long, rectangular, with strong powerful frame and well developed muscles. The wide thorax not only pride but also necessary to become a meynkuna. By the way, it has to be identical width with a croup (of course, this term is not used in the description of cats, but for some reason other word does not go on mind when the speech comes about such powerful animal). The back is direct, its any saggings are not allowed. The general format of a cat while she costs or moves, rectangular.

of the Extremity:

Brawny, average length. The structure of extremities, especially back, has to be anatomic correct. Thin extremities are inadmissible, without speaking already about their bent form. Paws are large, roundish, with dense bunches of wool between fingers. For the case 35 points are charged. From them for a form, the size, frame, extremities, a shape of paws - 25, and for a form and length of a tail - 10 points.


of Average length, with strong muscles. Especially it is noticeable at cats.


Dense, short on the head, shoulders and extremities, gradually extended on a back and sides. Streaming, silky with rather soft and thin underfur. On hind legs forms long shaggy “panties“, on a stomach hangs down in a fringe. Existence of “jabot“ which has to begin at the basis of ears is very desirable. Wool “costs“ 20 points.



allow all, except chocolate and lilac, and also their variations (tsinnafavn) and groups a kolor - a point. I cannot but tell about colors with white. There is a strong wish that to kittens of bikolorny colors with a shortcoming white at an aktirovaniye put a color 03, but not 09 in any way (atypical spottiness which is admissible at meyn - kun). It is important for cultivation as at these colors absolutely different genetics, and with a recessive gene it is impossible to receive a prepotent gene of a bikolornost from cats in any way. As it is possible to lift breed on due level if not to watch such mistakes!

Not easy to conform to the strict standard, but - as to you such beauty?