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Life experience - the benefit or ballast?

Are people who, remembering the past, with confidence say that if God granted them an opportunity to live life anew, then would repeat every year, month, hour, minute, second in accuracy as it was. I, alas, do not treat number of such lucky. Remembering the past, I see many episodes in the scenario of the biography which would rewrite to pleasure …

Why does that happen? Different life experience? Really the first lived time allowed by it, without having made any mistake?

Traditionally life experience is perceived as something positive. It is possible to hear often such statements as “Experience - the most valuable that each of us has in life“, “Only your personal life experience always remains with you“, “The lesson learned from own life experience is remembered much better and it usually at all is never forgotten. You cease to make silly mistakes and increase probability of adoption of the correct decisions, becoming more richly, more successfully and more happily“. As many articles are written that life experience no other than wisdom of the person!

But whether always the gained experience - the benefit? Whether all lead lessons of the past us on life, helping to avoid new mistakes, to learn something, to make a right choice on vital crossroads, to find the mission?

I suggest to consider those cases when life experience becomes independent the fetters of the person preventing to move forward to the treasured purpose. At each of us, it is sure, behind shoulders at least one silly mistake which left later sideways … Further this vital baggage can cause fear of failures. What only people do not refuse from - for fear to repeat mistakes! Some doom themselves to loneliness after unsuccessful marriage, someone refuses the dream from - for fear that everything can fail again, another is afraid to try new business, being afraid of repetition of disappointments … Yes you never know such cases?!

Not always our life experience gained by a trial and error method will serve achievement of success. In certain cases lessons of the past force us to work in the same way. The habit to live on a habit according to the passable vital lessons can become an obstacle in a way of entry into your destiny something new.

You sometime tried to sing in a bathroom? Or perhaps it for you the best way to take off fatigue after the unlucky working day?! Or suddenly that ordinary-looking colleague who with obvious adoration looks day by day at you and is that prince on a white game of which you dreamed from the first tales of the real princess read to you what you, certainly, also are? Of course, it is a little exaggerated examples, but how many cases when the person on a habit refuses something!

It is impossible to wait for any changes in the life, at the same time without doing anything from - for fear to repeat last mistakes. It is impossible to go in cycles in former failures. It is in certain cases much more useful to get rid of freight of life experience and, without looking back at the past and to joint pain habitual behavior, to move forward.

The sad story about an elephant who still small was tied to a column a chain is remembered. But if being an elephant calf, it cannot really tear it, then having risen the adult, the elephant with ease could cope with it. But does not do it as got used since young years that to it not to master a chain.

And the person does not even make an attempt to break off a chain of the negative life experience as it is convinced that nothing will come of it.