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But whether not to break to us from a tree... roll?

you Remember the general from the fairy tale Saltykov-Shchedrin who said that rolls on a tree will be born “in that look as they to kofeyu give in their morning“. Of course, all of us, reading the fairy tale, laughed at the general - the blockhead. Yes here only it appeared, as actually there are such fairy forests. not only breadfruit trees grow at

I in these woods, but also candy, dairy, sausage, oil, meat, melon, tomato, cabbage... Whole grocery store, but not the wood! Such trees generally grow in the tropical tropical countries. However, not always they answer the binding epithets.

For example, fruits of a sausage tree Kigelia pinnata (grows in Uganda, Sudan, Mozambique) are very similar to the real sausage. Each such sausage reaches length to a half a meter and thickness to 10 cm, and it ripens the whole year. The seductive “slightly smoked“ sausages hang on a tree, but, alas, is them it is impossible.

Sockets - kochanchik“, the cabbage trees decorating are also inedible and “. These trees are called cabbage because that leaves at them are collected in the form of dense inflorescences on the ends of branches. Some types grow on Saint Elena`s island. However, archeological finds confirmed that some species of cabbage trees were eaten by ancient people. Nevertheless today these plants in cookery do not use. Cabbage trees are relic in the majority, die out and are taken under protection.

The meat tree - Casuarina linorea grows in Australia, in Tasmania, in Hawaii, even in the Mediterranean and the USA, . It is called so from - for red color of wood. Despite the food name, no part of a tree is edible.

And here Hovenia dulcis (grows in Japan and China) gives a candy tree juicy, very similar to taste on raisin, pulp for what it is called still an izyumny tree.

It is possible to drink a glass of fragrant milk, having made an incision a trunk of a dairy tree - Brosimum galactodendron growing in South America. The following dense juice is nice to the taste, similar to cow`s milk. However in it there are few fats and proteins. Than not a product for dietetics? If to leave this “milk“ in the open air, then in several days it will turn into the most real cheese.

The Peruvian plant of Cyphomandra betacea - the tomato tree , belongs to family solanaceous, as well as our native tomatoes. The low tree gives ovoid is red - orange or purple balsas. In them there are a lot of pectinaceous substances therefore more often from them prepare jelly. But also in the raw this plant is quite edible, reminds taste the most real tomato.

Of course very few people from us will manage to try these exotic products immediately. But nevertheless there is in this “wood“ one plant which fruits we know and even many already tried. It is a melon tree - Carica papaya. It occurs not only in far tropics, but even at us on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Only not melons on it grow, and... papaya. The fruits very similar to a small melon with pinkish pulp, turned sour - sweet taste and, as a rule, very fragrant. Small fruits are more tasty, than large. Do salads, jam of a papaya. It possesses medicinal properties, helps at gastric problems.

About sixty species of plants are united in family of mulberry and are collectively called “breadfruit tree“ . They meet in tropics of the Old and New World. The majority of them really yield edible fruits which the local population uses in the food.

For example, the breadfruit tree of Artocarpus heterophyllus yields fruits weighing up to 40 kg everyone. It is unlikely there will be a branch on a tree which will sustain such fruit. And if to consider that one tree yields a set of fruits at the same time, then it is clear why at many breadfruit trees fruits grow directly on trunks. Kremovo - golden huge “nutlet“ contains brown pasty weight with taste of potatoes and pumpkin inside. Natives ferment this weight and then bake of it flat cakes. There are “nutlets“ with very luscious sweet taste. Pieces of fruits can be fried, baked. Other breadfruit tree, Treculia africana, yields fruits with the large seeds similar to haricot and containing a lot of starch. Flour is made of seeds, and fruits are not eaten.

There is a set of plants with surprising gastronomic, construction, cosmetic and to that similar names. Sometimes it is even difficult for experts to track history of emergence of this or that name of a plant.

By the way, our fans of window plants grow up a sausage tree too. It is an aukuba Japanese. Its leathery leaflets are covered with the yellow specks very similar to flies in sausage. Here also came to some flower grower - to a gourmet the imagination to call so this plant. And the ficus (Ficus elastica) which is often met in our room floriculture belongs to a breadfruit tree too. So overseas “bread with sausage“ can be grown up also in our apartments.