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Freshness without frost? Art of storage of products of

in the Spring many of us move to the dacha - for all summer. There we grow up fruit, berries, vegetables and greens. At someone giving - the equipped house with all conveniences, and at someone - a usual small lodge, sometimes even without electricity. How to keep products longer if the civilization benefits for the present did not reach your housing estate? Remember. Parsley for the winter

In a fresh, dried or salty look parsley will be suitable

for any dishes. To dry, it needs to be washed out well, swept to cut and dry on air without hit of direct sunshine. For salting - to wash up, dry up, cut, to mix parsley with salt, to lay out in purely washed up dry can and to close a polyethylene cover. To store in the refrigerator or the cellar. Greens

Any greens to wash up

, to cut, mix small with salt (on 1 kg of greens of 250 g of salt), to lay densely in glass dry jars, to powder with a salt layer (in a finger thickness), to cover with paper, to tie with a thread and to clean in the refrigerator or a cellar. Garlic

to Lower

for several seconds in the kindled paraffin, to allow to dry, put in a kapron stocking and to suspend.

it is the best of all for

to store Onions in wreaths.

Vegetable oil

to Allow oil to be defended, pour properly in other ware, to add on each liter on 1 teaspoon of salt and small shattered haricot grain. To store in the dark, cool place.


Will remain to

fresh about 5 days if to wash up it, to dry up, put in the enameled pan, to fill in with curdled milk, to cover from above with a plate, to press down a press and to put to the dark, cold place.


will not turn sour if to put a leaf of horse-radish in it. One more way - ware with milk to cover, put in the pan filled with water, to throw from above with a towel. To lower its ends in water.


I Skin fish to wrap up a nettle and to put in the dark, cool place.


Can be kept within several weeks if, having put them in banks with cold water, to put in the refrigerator or to the dark, cool place. Tomato paste

to Store

in glasswares in the cool place. That on a surface the mold did not appear, from above paste needs to be filled up with salt and to fill in with a thin layer of vegetable oil.


In the opened jar with pickles will not appear a mold if to add sacks with dry mustard or the horse-radish grated on a large grater.

Fresh cucumbers

Green cucumbers can be kept fresh during several days if to keep them on three quarters in cold water, tails down. Water needs to be changed daily.

to Lay

of the Pear in boxes, to pour dry river sand that fruit did not concern each other. When the box is filled up to the top, to close it and to put to be stored to the dry, cool place.


Will remain one or one and a half months. For this purpose they need to be wiped dry, to wrap up in parchment paper and to clean in the refrigerator or the dark, cool place. To touch once a week.

The majority of these ways was checked by my great-grandmother who long time did not know at all what is the refrigerator. Let your products be stored long and keep freshness!