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Who such people “in the form of a letter T“?

in process of growth of number of universities are already not enough worldwide that students left walls of educational institutions with only one technical education. Modern education has to form professionals “in the form of a letter T“.

Who such “People in uniform of a letter T“ (T - shaped people)?

It is people who deeply understand, at least, one discipline, and also have broad knowledge in the field of innovations and the businesses allowing them to cooperate effectively with professionals from other areas and to turn ideas into reality. Vertical line in a letter T symbolizes depth of knowledge and experience of the person in one area while horizontal line designates his ability to use in the work and knowledge from other spheres.

For the first time I learned about the concept “people in uniform of a letter T“ from the book of the Stenfordsky teacher Tina Silig “Make yourself“ . Within 10 years it worked in Stanford as the head of the program of the technological Stanford Technology Ventures Program projects. Their mission consists in training of scientists and engineers in bases of business and providing them with the tool for development of business in any sphere of their interests.

There is quite large number of the researches confirming that “people in uniform of a letter T“, persons interested to expand limits of the available skills and to risk in attempts to try something new, have much more chances of success, than those who believe that they have some knacks and therefore becomes isolated within a certain role.

Tina Silig wrote about this question much and repeatedly showed that the people thinking that their abilities are recorded in one area will be less successful in the long term, than people with the thinking focused on growth. Its work is devoted to studying of our relation to itself. People who had an accurate image of what they are capable of, will not take steps having chance to break this image. And people with the thinking focused on growth are usually ready to undertake risks and to work much more for achievement of the purposes. They want to try something new, allowing them to expand borders of opportunities and to open absolutely new zones on the way.

How to find the emptiness deserving filling? Actually it is rather simple. First of all you should learn to pay attention to them.

Tina Silig developed the exercise following .

Wallets ask to get participants of experiment. Then they break on couples and tell each other about the wallets. They discuss that they in them love or hate, or say about how they use them upon purchases and for storage of documents.

Most of the people using wallets is in a varying degree angry by restrictions of this subject. Therefore after completion of interview each of participants begins to create new design of a wallet for the interlocutor - “client“. At the disposal of the designer there are only simple objects: paper, adhesive tape, markers, scissors, paper clips and so forth. Buyers like new concepts, and they often say that if such wallet was on sale, then they surely would get it.

This exercise allows to receive the mass of lessons.

In - the first , the wallet is a symbol of the fact that problems can be met everywhere, even in your own pocket.

In - the second , for the solution of these problems only insignificant efforts can be required. People are usually happy to tell you about the problems.

In - the third , simple solutions can be found by means of plain experiments. They do not demand either the considerable volume of work, or resources, nor time. And even if at you nothing will turn out, your costs are minimum. And everything that it is necessary for you, is just to start anew.

How to become “The person in the uniform of a letter T“, read in Tina Silig`s book “Make yourself“.