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From where superstitions undertake?

Many of us since the childhood trust in any signs. For example, a black cat - the reason of our troubles, the neigbour with an empty bucket - the witch with failure in hands, and garbage which cannot be taken out after a sunset, in general something inexplicable. Let`s try to understand - from where all these superstitions came.

Friday 13 why this day it is desirable to do nothing?

the Belief this day appeared from free treatment of the Old Testament. Allegedly this day Cain killed the brother Abel. Over time the legend acquired arguments of different sense, having turned number 13 as a sign of trouble and misfortunes. Also in the 13th chapter of the Gospel it is mentioned Judas`s treachery, in the Last Supper of 13 participants, and in a family where 13 children, one surely grows up the criminal.

Why it is impossible to transmit objects through a threshold? In ancient times ashes of ancestors were stored by

under a house threshold. Transmitting something through a threshold, was considered as action very dangerous and disturbing ancestors. The threshold still is considered border between two worlds - the world live and dead therefore on it it is not recommended to sit.

Why it is impossible to celebrate forty years?

Forty years - the only anniversary which cannot be celebrated, especially for men. The numeral is traditional “forty“ connect with death. In Kievan Rus` it was accepted “to check the dead“ for imperishability, and term in 40 days therefore the number contacted a funeral was established for this procedure. It is considered that date attracts on itself diseases, failures, and even death.

Why it is necessary to sit down on a path before an exit? the Sign is connected by

with evil and kind spirits. House spirits cling to the person, disturbing him on the way. Having sat down on a path, it was possible to deceive house spirits. They could think that nobody goes anywhere and to lose vigilance. It will be so expensive without excess “baggage“ and successful.

Why it is impossible to eat from a knife? you eat

from a knife - means, angry. A knife - the subject having sacral value, the tool of protection and production. Is from it meant to anger spirits which do the person angry and aggressive.

Why it is impossible to select objects at the intersection?

the Intersection - the place mystical where it is crossed the visible and invisible worlds. At intersections of the witch carry out a set of invisible rituals. Passing through the intersection, people feel concern, it is so possible to hook and I spoil as the objects or water left at the intersection possess negative energy. A thing from the intersection - trouble to the house.

Why it is impossible to walk in one boot?

Conservatives say that if the person walks in one boot, then sooner or later he becomes an orphan. In the Bible it is told: “All kinds of people“. The footwear always symbolized a unification. Two is a couple. Separating a pair of shoes, we separate those who gave life.

Why after a sunset it is impossible to take out garbage?

It is the most popular sign among the population. If to take out garbage after sunset, then about you gossips will go. Neighbors like to discuss: “What you hide the garbage?“ Besides, taking out garbage at night, you take out money from the house. And one more treatment, is connected with evil and kind spirits: that kind spirits were included for the night into the house, it is necessary to be prepared for their visit and to take out litter from the house.