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How to spoil the man?

As often women complain today of the men! Say, does not help about the house, does not bring money, in a bed any moreover and hangs at the wife on a neck. But the most surprisingly is the fact that these women continue to do everything from year to year in order that the man remained such: diffident whiner.

Of course, is such which do it consciously that then it was possible to complain of the inept husband who cannot help even with the simplest situation therefore everything needs to be pulled on the brittle female shoulders. But, fortunately, most of women nevertheless “spoil“ the man not from the evil, just like that it turns out. They just do not know that they do incorrectly.

Let`s try to open a secret: how to spoil the darling?

So, first of all, as soon as the great lady “notices“ the suitable man on the horizon, she begins rather active actions on his gain. This way is considered the first, though not the most productive to spoil future guy / husband / lover.

Modern girls, not to waste time in vain, get acquainted with the pleasant object, give the phone, and then call back and appoint meetings. The man relaxes, understanding that the woman already “at him in hands“ therefore he does not even think of making something independently. In that case it is necessary to the woman all life, considering everything, all and to pull on itself.

Besides, many girls, having found “the“ man, begin to pay periodically for him or to give him expensive (and not really) gifts - in an occasion and without. Of course, attention signs - it is good, but you should not go too far, then the man will quickly get used to frequent surprises and will cease to do them.

Unfortunately, women forget that the man who receives gifts from the darling constantly begins to feel small, he almost gives nothing in reply. The objectives are almost achieved - your darling “is spoiled“!

And the last way consists in our constant fear to lose the man. For this purpose it is necessary not only “to cherish“ in himself thought that it the best, and you do not cost even his little finger, but also to confirm it with actions or words. So, women often forget about the requirements and desires if only to meet the guy, to make him happy. In such a way you in several years (if not in several months) spoil it so that he by a strict voice will order you to bring it coffee or the magazine.

Of course, there is more to come ways which will help to turn even the most gold, sincere and kind man into real insensible “animal“.

Women for some reason forget that they negatively influence the relations the behavior, bringing a situation to that point when finally the fair sex has to do everything independently, even without hoping for support of the half.

And how just to remain itself, to show to the guy the best parties that he could admire you constantly: to give flowers, to look after and pay compliments, as in the first day of acquaintance.