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When it is the best of all to marry or marry depending on a profession? A stamp in the passport as a symbol

“I do not want to study, and I want to marry!“ is a statement of Mitrofanushki from “Greenhorn“ Fonvizin from the point of view of demography - true? That it is more important: to get an education and then already to go for work, to build career, or nevertheless at first in a love whirlpool with the head, to the abyss of hormones, so far years so 20 - 23?

From the point of view of medicine to the woman, undoubtedly, it is better for i to give birth at young reproductive age. As my familiar doctor says what would not be undertaken by “stars“ of cinema and a platform, as if surrogacy was not propagandized by them, all the same it is better for woman to give birth most and in youth if the purpose puts a family.

From the point of view of demography in purely arithmetic sense the phrase “I do not want to study, and I want to marry“ is the most correct. But how to provide children that are born in young families while there is no education (I do not want to study), there is no housing (separate of parents), there is no work normal (who will take “greenhorn“ to a highly paid position)? Very daunting.

And here from the economic point of view the early marriage which is not provided financially only worsens a demographic situation. Young parents early got married, “love - carrots“, and from it, as we know, there are children. Here also begins: scandals, squabbles, shortage of money for pampers, - pay for kindergarten, - pay for food and so forth. It is necessary to live on something too! From there are mass stains. Children are left in orphan houses because mothers and fathers it is simple not in forces them to raise. Many young parents on a level of development still not just children, and the most yaselny mischievous persons and idlers. But all there: “I do not want to study, and I want to marry“. And the state incurs losses as it undertakes burden of education and providing children.

When then it is better to marry or marry? In Soviet period the unmarried woman caused suspicion, and the unmarried man became object of attention of Communist Party committees and Komsomol with the purpose to fasten - on it a marriage bridle. Problems at “not attached“ there was much: if the person is not married or is not married, then about business trips abroad forget! The father told me that at him in the largest Cable Agency of the Soviet Union (CASU) his friend was forced to marry work to promote on the office line and to become the head of department of the international information.

Even at plants where made pans and spoons, brawlers and drunkards sorted on Communist Party meetings, bailed and insistently advised to get a family. Was considered that it disciplines the goof. The family in the USSR was appreciated.

And what now? Now in a century of business the question “when to marry or marry?“ began to get other sense. If I - “a white collar“, also sit, I wipe trousers at office work, then why to me a family? It will only brake my career development. Because where a family - there children, and children are expenses, sick-lists, the posterity demands a lot of time which can be spent for work. There is no place to live separately from parents, as a rule, at once there is a need to remove housing, and it is the most essential item of expenditure …

in case of office work, probably, more important at first to promote, and then to pick up to itself someone for a rank. Till thirty years from office chair in family bonds there is nothing and to jump .

The situation becomes simpler if before us the worker of physical work. What difference when, say, to the turner to plant or a simple uchetchitsa at the same plant to be married? There is a difference! If does not experience special career claims of people, then optimum time for it will be to establish a family “the earlier, the better“. That is though in 17 years. So far there are youth and force, so far there are health and love while there is an understanding that both “will not be enough stars from heaven“ while both are not concerned about career, and plan and to be engaged further in physical simple activity, then to wait for there is no sense. In a whirlpool of love and a family with the head! , probably, remained to

In Sweden such here proletarians very little. There in general now according to about 2/3 adults of polovozrely individuals of both floors are not connected by lawful bonds of marriage. Moreover, not absolutely lawful bonds - a so-called civil marriage - too not in honor! Here the most popular - to live to one, and only sometimes to meet the partner purely for sex. In Russia the same tendency is observed. I arrived from Rhodes recently, Greece, so in our hotel there was really large number of lonely men and women of the most different age. They arrived one! Without husbands, wives, children, even without “satellites“. Lives, means.

Europe, as well as Russia, promptly dies out. The European women do not wish to give birth, and from here “legs“ at a tendency of settling and involvement of migrants to Europe from Africa and Asia grow.

And if not to study, and to marry - that as? Officially? Creation of a family imposes the mass of obligations on the person. Whether it is worth putting a stamp in the passport in general? Perhaps, it is an anachronism, and, as well as any “-ism“, it is dangerous and quickly kills itself(himself)?

Somehow time the young woman proved to me that now a stamp about a marriage anything does not mean that “there live people and without it“, and other. For someone, perhaps, it and so. But there is also other opinion expressed by other woman: actually, if two live together long ago, but do not register the relations, so there is no love per se there, and each of partners subconsciously seeks elsewhere option better. The stamp is a symbol of honesty if you want.

When such option “is sprained“, it is possible without special problems, type of divorce proceedings, “to run across“ to another. From an official family where there are children, especially minor, it is so simple and you “will not be washed away“. There is a question of the section of property, plus a trauma psychological for children, relatives and other. And if “civil“ marriage cracked on seams … Well and that? And what to mourn, you each other - who? Spouses? And you show the document! Well, and on is not present - and there is no court.

Once one clever person told that it is necessary to marry when you feel that without this person you “pipe“ that without him you “are bent“ that there is a wish to be with it all the time, want to have joint children, there is a wish to bring to it coffee in bed. It is necessary to marry when you cannot but marry! When there is a biochemistry between people. And this dependence is pleasant, it decks the world in kind surprising paints.

This state can come both in 14 years, and in 74. Here then it is worth risking and establishing an official family. But now this format dies out. Whether it means that “the free relations“ are more viable? Time will tell. To traditional marriage many thousands of years, and civil are not present also hundreds. But, judging by statistics, the last restricts traditional more and more. You should not hurry to establish a family on the one hand, and at the same time you should not hesitate - with another, a lot of things depend on a profession of the man and the woman, and even an experience of their work.