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What to read the teenager? R. Stephenson, whether “A strange story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde“

are Read in general now by teenagers? The first impression that it is not enough or do not read at all - computers at all, appear, would force out books. However in increasing frequency I notice in the bus in the morning, in the subway, in some line in hands at young people of a plane table, and some do not play, do not look through any websites - they open the book. Became interested in

- and that it is popular with them from “reading matter“ now? Those who pay attention to the book, read everything - classical literature, a fashionable fantasy, mysticism like “Twilight“, frank nonsense. Perhaps, it is worth helping, to advise what is valid and interesting and it is useful? One of such books, in my opinion - “A strange story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde“ the Scottish writer Robert Stephenson.

We begin to read the real masterpiece of Stephenson. The book was for the first time published in England in 1886. The author wanted to publish it in fashionable then option - to publish in the magazine certain heads, but already then the famous publisher Longman, the owner of Longmans Megezin firm, convinced the writer that the book should be published entirely, so it was pleasant to it and so it was confident in success of this work. And Longman was not mistaken - literally swept away the book from shelves of bookstores, it became the best-seller for many decades at first in England, and then in many countries.

The main heroes in the book three. The first is an author of the narration, the notary Atterson from whom we learn about the mysterious and terrible events which are taking place in London. The second - known in wide circles and dear doctor Jekyll. And third “kingpin“ - certain Mr. Hyde, the real monster, the maniac and the murderer who wanders about London and regularly makes absolutely senseless, but awful crimes. Oddly this person is connected with doctor Jekyll - he regularly is at his place, to servants is even allowed to carry out the order any his desires. Further - it is more: Jekyll writes the will in which all the (considerable, by the way) the property in case of death leaves to this type.

This strange couple causes bewilderment in all - what can connect worthy dear doctor and the criminal with obviously abnormal mentality? And yes can come to nobody to mind that it … the same person!

Stephenson for one and a half centuries was ahead of nowadays fashionable writers who in the works write about werewolves. Quite normal person under certain circumstances turns into strong, spiteful and not controlled animal.

Only, as a rule, werewolves are the victims, is rare they want to become such … And here doctor Jekyll consciously went for risky experiment. The scientist decided to concentrate artificially all negative, “shadow“ sides of the person, releasing them from time to time from prison. Allegedly, if you temporarily turn into a monster, and this creation will differ completely from you true (that nobody could suspect “owner“), having made some foulness and “having thrown“ back, you will already be in a normal state of dobras, is comely and will never make to nobody anything bad. Release the dark desires, the stresses, the psychoses for a while on freedom, give them vent - and the problem of nervous breakdowns and inexplicable crimes is solved! The doctor solved magic as he thought, the theory to be influenced.

And some time everything went like clockwork. Imperceptible Mr. Hyde was hityor, is strong physically, it is impossible is cruel. It periodically terrified the London inhabitants the next perverted murder and vanished without trace. Doctor Jekyll was just the gentleman`s sample - well-mannered, decent, reserved. But experiment went to some moment not as it was planned …

to Mr. Hyde very much liked his way of life! He terribly missed when it was driven into “non-existence“, and it began to resist “master“. In increasing frequency he tried to break independently loose and to remain in an uncontrollable state as long as possible. Doctor Jekyll cannot when it wants to him, leave in society any more - at any time he can turn into a monster for which all London police searches! Sleeplessness and despair torment him, live in him and two absolutely different personalities battle at the same time.

… Fight was furious, and as you guess, the victory was almost won by the evil … Hyde so found the power over the doctor, so strongly wanted to lodge for ever in the world that the doctor took a desperate step - during the next attempt of the maniac to break loose he drinks potassium cyanide … the Book is read to

on one breath, is written in fascinating style. Some modern critics introduce very interesting idea that Stephenson predicted pernicious effect of drugs already in due time, skillfully described all way of falling of the person who is gradually getting used to a pernicious potion. Can be … Anyway, this work should be considered it and eaten over what to think, especially youth.