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Why four? About the fours of versions

About the fours of kinds

of the Four of versions surround the person everywhere …

Someone told that to look and see - absolutely different things. And Einstein noticed once: “Pleasure to see and understand there is the most surprising gift of the nature“.

It is very probable that after reading of this article you will begin to see and understand the world a little in a different way. You with surprise will find out that it is very often possible to look at any subject so that to see in it four versions.

Having found three kinds of some object, you will foreknow that somewhere nearby, most likely, there has to be also the fourth. Thus, you will better understand the world (not only to see, but also to understand!) .

Perhaps, you will even have a sports passion to find this fourth version.

And, having found it, you will feel delight of the pioneer. This much stronger feeling, than, for example, pleasure from correctly found word in a crossword puzzle.

Also it will be absolutely healthy if the new view on the world helps you to understand better any situation or to find and master a new market niche. Or perhaps to you especially will carry, and the new foreshortening under which you look regarding will help you to make a discovery. “To see what is not noticed by others, is a universal key to success“ (Robert Kiyosaki).

The world in which we live is amazing.

It is possible to look at the same group of objects differently. From the different points of view it is possible to see two (two dialectic contrasts), three (God loves a Trinity), four etc. versions. For example, seven kinds of shout of the baby, seven days of week, seven music notes, seven flowers of a rainbow etc. are known) .

So the nature is arranged: The Universe always agrees. You want to see two dialectic contrasts - please. You want to make out the four of versions - the nature right there gives the mass of the examples confirming this point of view. If you want to count other number of versions - that can be found many corresponding examples too.

Once again we will highlight: we have a full freedom of choice from what foreshortening, from what point of view to look at the world surrounding us. Each point of view has the right for life, each point of view in own way correctly explains this or that phenomenon or process.

For example, division of days into four versions: morning, day, evening and night, and years - - underwent testing for spring, summer, fall and winter time and got accustomed. It means that nothing was succeeded to think up the best still. Yes, people still divide day into 12 day and 12 night hours (and year for 12 months). And it is correct too. And it is the in certain cases most convenient. But division of days for hours did not cancel division into morning, day, evening and night. It once again shows that both points of view - correct.

However, having divided days and year into the fours of versions, the person became not only it is better to understand their essence, but began to use time more effectively. The same can be told about division for 12 hours and for 12 months. Therefore there is no sense to find out that it is better and that it is more correct.

However experience shows that division something on four versions is the most convenient and productive presently. For example, the concepts East, the West, the North and the South help us to be guided better namestnost (pay attention, nothing the best it is thought still up). In the same way division of a course of many diseases into four consecutive stages allows to understand better their essence and to respectively choose more correct and more effective treatment.

One more striking example.
the world surrounding us was considered For a long time three-dimensional, however according to the theory of relativity the three-dimensional space and time have to be considered together, forming a uniform four-dimensional continuum. And this point of view allows us to understand the nature much more deeply and more stoutly.

Therefore, having faced some question, a problem, the phenomenon, etc., there is a sense to wonder - but whether not to try to make out four versions? It is very probable that such approach will help to understand a subject better.

The examples having four versions strike not only quantity, but also a variety.

Reading the next example, every time you are surprised - it is necessary! Really and here too? - And each time you like belief more and more that the world to see, so it is arranged - the Fours of versions surround the person … with

Here only some of them everywhere:

- People are divided on a hair color into blondes, brown-haired persons, brunettes and red; on temperament - on choleric persons, melancholiacs, phlegmatic persons and sanguine persons; on blood types - on people according to the first, second, third and fourth group.
- Chemical elements happen four types: S - P - D - and F - elements (Mendeleyev`s table is painted in four different colors).
- four types of fundamental physical interactions: gravitation, electromagnetic, strong and weak.
- Four quantum numbers: the main, azimuthal, magnetic and backs.
- Four types of radioactive decay: alpha, beta, scale and beta +;
- Four types of a luminescence.
- Earth makes four types of the movement.
B molekulyarno - the kinetic theory distinguish four isoprocesses: isobaric, isothermal, izokhorichesky, adiabatic.
- Human language perceives four types of taste: sweet, sour, bitter and salty.
- On light exactly four kinds of poodles and the Toulouse geese, four kinds of smoky leopards, vilorogy antelopes, and four kinds of the Belgian sheep-dog.
- exists exactly four ways of setting of a tie;
- the Signature stamp to a guitar it is possible to fix only in four ways.
- On four versions the saxophone, throat singing, a design of cardboard boxes for footwear and crediting in foreign currency have.
- Exists four kinds of Vermouths, four kinds of the additives promoting weight loss and exactly four kinds of rubber bludgeons, and also four types of the brands which are used for designation of the place of the producer. Even filters and suites happen four types (who could think that between so different objects there is something the general!) .
- In manezhny driving a step is divided into four versions, on a dog four species of fleas parasitize, and milk contains four kinds of casein.
- can Embroider, change the apartment and to look for work abroad only in four ways. There are four kinds of horse stings (who could think that between these processes there is something the general!)
- On one tree at the same time can nest only four bird species.
- Exist four types of the depressions which are found only at women.
- Welding seams can be divided into four versions: butt, angular, nakhlestochny and tavrovy.

Very many processes in the nature have four stages:

- Ge. Piaget describes four stages of development of the child.
- the Insect passes four stages of development: egg - a larva - a doll - an adult insect.
- Is known four stages of development brachno - the family relations.
- During many diseases (for example, osteochondrosis of a backbone, a sharp stenosis of a throat, hypostasis of lungs, a nefroskleroz, malaria, chronic ischemia of digestive organs and many others) can be allocated four stages of development.
- At the microlevel distinguish four stages of development of logistics.
- Were established four stages of development of emotional intelligence.
- Professional formation represents process in which four stages are distinctly allocated.
- Caviar of one-year fishes has four stages of development.
- Distinguish four stages of development of crisis.
- Each goods passes four stages of development (within one working principle), and the fourth stage commercially the most successful. ru/archive/0/n - 60936 /

Analysis (division something whole on components) - very powerful tool of knowledge. And this division (decomposition, a partition) can be made not only really, but also mentally. And in the world there is no universal rule - into what number of components it is necessary to divide this or that subject.

It is only possible to assume that in general, the we when studying divide a subject into bigger number of elements, the best of all and more deeply we can understand it. Simple example: ancient divided the nature into four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. It gave nevertheless the best understanding in comparison with when no division existed yet. And idea that the Nature consists from more than hundred various chemical elements allows to understand world around much better and more deeply.

As all development goes by the principle “from simpler to more difficult), it is possible to assume that number of elements (versions, development stages, etc.) into which we divide the analyzed subject, in general (in most cases) increases in process of evolution of knowledge of this subject.

Mendeleyev`s table can serve as a peculiar sample of how it occurs.
as it is known, chemical elements happen four types. The first lines of the Table contain eight elements. And further the quantity of elements in lines becomes more and more.

The fact that now the quantity of objects or phenomena which have four versions or on four stages of development, in general prevails, says, most likely that our knowledge is at an appropriate level of development now. Further, perhaps, we will divide (to dismember, find) into bigger number.

Therefore if we see that some subject or the phenomenon to the present the moments is known only three kinds or three stages of development, that is sense to look for such point of view from which it is possible to make out four (versions or stages). Such approach can promote deeper understanding of this subject or phenomenon. Perhaps, it will help to see what was not noticed by others. And it as spoke to Kiyosaki, “a universal key to success“.

It was shown above that many natural phenomena exist in the form of the groups containing four elements.

At the same time it is known that each of four blood types of the person is subdivided into two a Rhesus factor - a factor.
Is surprising that some objects of the Nature very far and from physiology, and from each other, have just the same structure
the Example 1.
Mendeleyev`s Table has 8 columns (groups). It is caused by the fact that in the second and third covers of atoms for electrons only about 4 quantum states are possible, the back has each of which on two various.
Example 2.
Are known four types of arms:
1. conventional weapons (cold and fire),
2. chemical weapon (simple toxic agents and binary gases).
3. bacteriological weapon (biological and toksinny),
4. atomic weapons (nuclear and thermonuclear)
Example 3.
Exist four sorts of armed forces:
land forces (active armed forces in the territory and investigation, saboteurs, guerrillas in the enemy territory),
2. voyenno - navy (surface and underwater),
3. voyenno - air forces (planes and helicopters),
4. voyenno - space forces (spaceships and space stations).
Example 4.
World religions which cornerstone the monotheism is:
1. Judaism (conservative and reformist directions),
2. Buddhism (Hinayana and Mahajana),
3. Christianity (Catholicism and Orthodoxy),
4. Islam (Sunnites and Shiites).
Pay attention: each group contains exactly four “forking“ elements united by some one principle. In the last group the monotheism (monotheism) was such principle. Therefore did not enter it Hinduism (in which two Gods: adherents of Vaishnava worship the Supreme god Vishnu, and followers of Shaivism - Shiva), the Chinese religion, in which Confucianism (founder Confucius) and Taoism (Laozi and Zhuangzi`s founders), etc. of
coexist If some object (for example, military science) to classify, using two different principles (for example, by types of arms and on types of military forces), then the received tables have identical structure 4õ2, but contain different elements (compare Examples 2 and 3). Telling
in general, such principles for any object can be much. All of them have the right for life, each of them - correct. Everyone reflects this or that side of world around. we Will also note
that regularity 4õ2 is often fair only for the initial stages of development of this or that object. So, in Mendeleyev`s table on 4õ2 electrons on an external cover only elements at the beginning of the table have accurate structure (to argon), at the subsequent chemical elements filling of electron shells happens under more difficult laws.
Other example: Protestants, Baptists, Adventists, etc. treat Christian religion too. But these directions appeared later therefore they do not keep within structure 4õ2. In the same way a bit later after creation of the nuclear and thermonuclear weapon the neutron bomb was developed.
we Will give one more example - on it time from the field of psychology.
Is well-known hierarchy of fundamental requirements on And. Maslou:
• physiological requirements (food, water, dream, etc.)
• need for safety (stability, an order) of
• need for love and accessory (a family, friendship) of
• need for respect (self-esteem, recognition) of
• requirements of self-updating (development of abilities) of
Lack of food, dream water, etc. can be considered as threat of human life from within (as as a result of it he can die for hunger, dehydration, etc., that is from “internal“ factors). The hostile relation of people around, lack of stability in society, various natural cataclysms etc. in that case it is possible to call threat from the outside.
Using such terminology, one may say, that the person vitally needs both internal, and external safety.
it is possible to look At other listed above requirements from the similar point of view too.
as a result hierarchy of fundamental human wants can be presented in the form:
1. Safety -
(a) internal (hunger, thirst, a dream …) and
(b) external (enemies).
2. The love, friendship -
(a) to love another, to give friendship to others and
(b) most to be favourite, to use friendship of others, to belong to a certain group.
3. Respect, recognition -
(a) self-esteem and
(b) respect, recognition of people around.
4. Self-updating, creativity -
(a) expression of in poetry, music, etc. and
(b) knowledge of world around through science etc. of
Pay attention, - at such classification all first elements (a) are connected with an interior, and all the second - with the external, surrounding the person world. Therefore it is possible to tell, the offered Structure 4õ2 allows to order the fundamental needs of the person for the first time opened for Maslou more natural (and more graceful) way.
we will address conditions of substance Now. Kompyyulente
B ““ was on January 29, 2004 such message:
the American scientists apply for monasteries of pioneers of a new condition of substance. It was still known of existence of five states. It is a firm, liquid and gaseous state, and also plasma and Einstein`s condensate habitual to all - Bosa. As appears from the statement of scientists, they managed to receive fermionny condensate, or Fermi`s condensate - Dirac.
I further the text at which it is possible to look on compulenta. ru/2004/1/29/44783 /
the Latest discoveries of Americans show that the condition of substance is not simple form group of four elements, and have just considered Structure 4õ2.
1. substances which atoms settle down closely to each other (firm and liquid) substances which atoms are at considerable distances from each other (gas and plasma), condensates (Einstein - Bosa and Fermi - Dirac), 4.???, consisting from (??? and???) .
When Mendeleyev for the first time made the Table of Periodic Elements, in it the empty sections corresponding yet not to open chemical elements were found. Late all “missing“ elements were open. Moreover, any new element, except for what empty sections were “reserved“ was not revealed (sections in the table, but not in its end mean). the Fourth line very much reminds
empty sections of the Table of Mendeleyev.
Turns out that the Structure 4õ2 allows not only to proklassifitsirovat in a new way the known conditions of substance, but also predicts existence in the nature of one more - the fourth condition of substance which too (as well as already known three) consists of two versions.
Structure 4õ2 was published on December 24, 2004 on
of sciteclibrary. ru/rus/catalog/pages/7683. html