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How quickly to bring itself out of crisis?

Crisis - a turning point in a situation which is followed by a depression, nervous breakdowns, apathy. 89% of the population, both men, and the woman are subject to crises. Even small children are capable to endure similar short-term frustration of mentality.

Besides well-known crises (teenage, average years and so forth) each of us endures the individual crises connected with the turning vital points, such as parting, loss of work or the native person, disappointment in relatives, and many others. And though over time the validity of a saying “Everything that becomes - to the best!“ works, at the difficult moment not everyone is capable to trust with a light heart in a current of time and to continue full-fledged life.

Of course, not in our forces completely to get rid of crises, but in our hands to make so that to reduce time of stay in the destroying state to a minimum, «rescue drowning - work drowning“.

1. Realize what occurred.

As a rule, people, having been in a difficult situation, try to pretend that nothing really happened and think out what is not present any more. Calm themselves thoughts “and suddenly …?“, “and can …?“, “it is possible …“. People can dream, but a crisis situation not that case when it is necessary to go woolgathering. Understand what any “suddenly“, “maybe “perhaps“ does not exist. What happened already happened. Just accept for yourself the fact that it occurred.

2. Do not look for guilty.

Should not try on on itself a role of the victim or judge, scrolling mentally occurred. Actually crisis is the great benefit allowing to get rid from alluvial, false to clear away the place new to what is really necessary. Trying to accuse himself or people around, it is possible to get stuck easily in a situation, trying to discover confirmation of the helplessness in memory. Such behavior will lead only to understating of a self-assessment and sticking in a negative situation for a long time. Understand that nobody in is guilty. Try to be discharged mentally of a situation, having presented someone from acquaintances as if it happened to them on the place. Try to estimate quietly pluses and minuses and draw necessary conclusions.

3. Stay alone. in

Very often people, wishing to console “sufferer“, impose it the society, trying get to talking, to amuse, help to be forgotten. Unfortunately, the similar virtue yields negative result. The thought of the afflicted person cannot be changed artificially, only by effort of own subconsciousness it is possible to bring itself out of a stressful state. It is necessary to endure the feelings inside, without being distracted by chatter which sense cannot all the same be estimated.

Find time and the place where you will be able to retire, try to relax, do not quash the thoughts and feelings, consider everything that comes to mind. Do all that you consider it necessary: cry, you shout, beat ware if there is a need to get drunk - make it.

4. Raise to yourself the correct questions. Lyudyamsvoystvenno`s

to be mistaken, confused in thoughts and feelings, however the correct thinking is capable to take out any of darkness. The most important question which will help to recover quickly sounds “As?“

do not ask yourself questions: why it occurred? what did I make not so? who will help me? how he(she) could? - which will lead into a bigger blind alley.

If to wonder only about one: “How I will get out of this situation?“, instantly in mind several assumptions which will help to cope with a problem will ripen.

5. Realize the value.

the Most widespread mistake plunging people into despair and depressions is that any situation is perceived very personally. Assuming that the world turns only around us, we incorrectly estimate many acts of other people.

So, at dismissal many think that they were dismissed from - for insufficient qualifications, forgetting that regular shifts and reductions are possible; when parting with darlings are inclined to reproach themselves that are insufficiently good though two always participate in the relations; the disappointment in friends is perceived as a reason for self-flagellation, forgetting that over time people change, improved, gain other interests and communications and if at a certain stage of their way disperse, it does not mean that someone unworthy behaved.

Any situation - separately taken place event, with your internal and external qualities having nothing in common. Probably, your way another or with others. When the business or personal relations sputtered out, it is much simpler not to keep in contact, than to build a good mine at bad game, suffering every minute and losing chance to create new, happier relations.

6. Remember relatives. what happened Is certain

, did not cross out all life at all, and finished in it only the certain head. Perhaps, to you hard, maybe, you considered destroyed by the main thing, but you had still friends, the family, children for whom you are an example, in particular, and on a survival in crisis situations. Unless it is fair to dare to cherish own troubles for years, thereby developing in others infantilism and inability to resist to vital difficulties.

7. Get rid of internal tension.

Having worked all previous points and having drawn the correct conclusions, the last point on the way to healing put internal clarification from a negative. In a human body in a condition of a stress adrenaline is produced and if in time not to get rid of it, consequences can be unpredictable. To the contrary, having splashed out internal tension, it is possible to feel newly given rise. Similar unloading will make you another, completely updated person ready to start everything with a clean slate.

Today there are a lot of opportunities: parachute jumps, hang-gliders, rock-climbing, karting, anything! If there is no similar opportunity, means or courage, go to park and at least sweep on roundabouts like “roller coaster“.