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Why we do not know what we want actually?

appeared a set the technician, trainings, magic rituals and other conspiracy theories on “How to Understand What You Actually Want“ Recently. Thanks to progress for it - throughout centuries at the person was not the choice - well, or was almost not.

the son of the peasant had no chances to learn something except how to plow - to sow, the successor of the butcher had one way - from a slaughter to a bench, the son of the nobleman has a military career. Was born the girl - suffer footboards and pushes, then you will marry and you will be happy till an old age of years in 40 if before you do not die of a maternity fever.

And so on - rare adventurers and people of unique will power managed to settle the pirate on the ship, the gold digger or somebody else, having gone beyond a karma some kind of.

I am not tired to sing praise scientifically - to technical progress which practically balanced every chance. Today we have a mass of ways where to move. You want to be the doctor / poet / driver / manager / traveler / millionaire? Please - all ways are open! Even it is possible to depart to space - the paralyzed disabled person Stephen Hopkins flew.

Of course, it is necessary to make efforts: but it is possible to think, you already do not put them every day to rise and force itself to go to hated work, to waste there time of precious life when it would be possible to soar in zero gravity or to design planes, to reconnoiter minerals or to look for treasures of the Third Reich.

Ways weight, is examples of our neighbors, schoolmates, relatives and acquaintances who set the object, received that they wanted, and are happy.

And there is a main issue - many of us stupidly do not know what they want what purpose before themselves to put! Otherwise would not be so widespread various “ equipment write everything - and what will become your guiding star and the purpose“ will suddenly be shown, “Look for signs in life, analyze them and you will understand that it is actually necessary for you“, “Make a hobby the work, and your work will bring you happiness“ and so on.

At many and a hobby - that any is not present, except for beer on shops or baths with friends on Saturdays. Many just are afraid to risk - no, even not life, but the senseless adjusted life and a small salary, just to go beyond the ordinary and to change the sad, not bringing joy life.

The problem of the choice of the purposes steadily exists - but why?

And now I want to give small, but very typical example, apparently, not absolutely connected with the touched subject.... Playground, end of April, at the same time unexpected, almost June heat. And what we see - most of children runs in caps, jackets, sweaters, red and sweaty. In spite of the fact that the thermometer shows +23, the anxious mothers at the same time continue to button jackets and to pull hats: “You will get sick! You will catch a cold! To you not hot! Air all the same cold! Only it seems to you that hot!“ The joke about “Borya, home is remembered at once! - Mother, I froze? - No, you want to eat!“.

And, of course, this “I froze - no, you want to eat“ - does not come to an end. Farther it is more: do not eat up yet, from - for a table you will not get up. Be not on friendly terms with those, they will teach you to bad. Do not wear short skirts - you look as the whore. Do not smile, you have curve teeth. There is nothing to be the archeologist is not a profession for the girl. You want to become a star as Alla Pugacheva - yes you that, at it you know what difficult life! Decided to come to medical - I will not endure your examinations. What for a profession - the artist? It is better to become the stomatologist, they you know how many earn! The list can be continued indefinitely - for certain at everyone who did not “learn“ what he wants actually, there were in the childhood such situations.

… Unfortunately, now they can help themselves only - can be, remember as they wanted to become a veterinarian. And to settle the volunteer in a dog shelter. Or to start over again gluing samoletik. And then to win a competition of self-made aircraft - such are carried out in the advertizing purposes. Or again to go to dance when it was necessary to finish hated economic and now to pore over quarterly reports, hating tax inspectors who too in the childhood for certain wished themselves other destiny.

And now I want to address all parents, sure that is known much better - hot or to their child or he wants to eat. If moves you love to your child, that the best that you can make for it, is to teach to think of it independently. And then it has in life all and so it will develop in the best way.