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Hot? Drink cocktail!

Here also there came the long-awaited spring. To a summer blaze of the sun there were few days. Today I bring to your attention recipes of nonalcoholic cocktails. They will pleasantly refresh, will satisfy thirst, the organism will receive a charge of cheerfulness and energy.

1 tablespoon of garnet or grape juice, 50 g of pulp of a melon, half-glass of sparkling water (mineral), ice.

Ice small istoloch to fill with it half a cocktail glass. To pour in juice, to fill the melon cut with cubes, to slowly pour in aerated water. To give at once.

of 1 kg of apples, 150 g of sugar, 10 g of lemon acid or juice of one lemon.

To fill in everything with abrupt boiled water, to cover, sterilize 20 minutes. Drink is ready. It is possible to drink or roll up for the winter.

Limonno - smetanny
a Half or the whole lemon, 2 glasses of sour cream, a floor - liter of strong hot unsweetened tea, 4 tablespoons of honey.

To dissolve honey in tea and to cool. To add sour cream and to pour in lemon juice. To serve cocktail well cooled. (The recipe for 5 - 6 portions.)

1 glasses of strawberry juice, 2 glasses of cold curdled milk or kefir, 2 tablespoons of icing sugar, several cubes of ice. All components to shake up
in the mixer. Ice to a glass is added before giving. (The recipe is calculated on 4 portions.)

of the Crust 4 - x oranges to fill in “lemonade“ 2 - mya with liters of cold water, to add 2 h l. lemon acid. To insist within a day.

To pass the soaked crusts via the meat grinder and to put back in the same water. Then to add 2 more liters of water. To boil. To add sugar to taste. To filter the cooled-down drink.

of 800 g of water, a third of a glass of honey, 200 g of the blackcurrant ground with sugar, 1 g of lemon acid.

To put honey in warm water, stirring, to bring to boiling, to remove foam and to cool. To add lemon acid. To pound currant with sugar, to add to drink, to mix and cool. (The recipe is calculated on 4 portions.)

3 tablespoons of instant coffee, a cocoa tablespoon, on a knife tip ground cinnamon, 100 g of sugar, 1 liter of milk.

To shake up all components with cold milk before formation of foam. To pour in glasses and to give.

Kefirno - berry
the Floor - kefir liter, a glass of fresh berries, sugar to taste.

To wash up and fill up berries with sugar on 1 hour. To pour in the cooled kefir and to shake up in dense foam.

of 50 g of tomato juice, 50 g of vegetable juice, curdled milk - 100 g, 1 segment of garlic.

To pound garlic with salt, to mix all components, to add salt, pepper to taste. Curdled milk can be replaced with kefir.

1 liter of kefir (or curdled milks), 150 g of currant (or any other berries), sugar.

Currant to wash up, grind, stir with kefir, to add sugar and to mix.

“Fruit explosion“
Apple juice - 60 g, lemon - 20 g, fruit syrup - 20 g, fruit - 50 g

to put ice In a glass. Then to pour juice, apple, lemon and fruit syrup. To stir and decorate properly with slices of fruit.

It is possible to surprise with these cocktails guests. Their advantages are that they prepare very quickly, from available products and, I am sure, will be pleasant both to adults, and children. Enjoy yourselves!