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Country pleasures. How to cook spring salads?

fresh vegetables Salads - what can be better? I do not argue, such pleasure now - every day, all the year round from imported vegetables. But the - they are better. Only when you will wait when they grow up - and the summer will pass. And vitamins are necessary now. Let`s do salads of the fact that offer us vegetable markets.

Yes, friends, today at us are vitamin day - fresh vegetables salads. But before we will begin to train them, a little advice from a big moneybox. In any dish each cook has secrets, the experience. During preparation of salads I made which - what conclusions which I represent on your court.

Beet. This vegetable often is present at salads, and it is not vain. Beet is useful to health. But if the doctor did not prescribe you the recipe of salad from fresh beet or you not the fan of a rawism, then you should not add crude beet to salads. Fresh it is not too tasty and often spoils taste of other products.

Carrots. Carrots, on the contrary, are remarkable fresh, but not everywhere. Carrot - a charm as is good with fresh cabbage, apple, lettuce leaves, a radish. In salads winter carrots approach boiled better.

Cucumbers. Fresh cucumbers perfectly feel with tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, green onions, eggs. Also they well supplement fruit salads. But cucumbers fresh are not really amicable with beet. And here salty or marinated - the first friends for any boiled vegetables. The remarkable neighbourhood of pickles - vinaigrettes.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes - excellent children, are amicable with many fresh vegetables. But first of all, it is pepper, cucumbers, onions, garlic, cabbage of all types, carrots. But besides beet in combination with tomatoes, as they say, not ays, unless in borsch. In it they perfectly are on friendly terms. Not always also fruit salads with tomatoes turn out. However, tastes differ.

Cabbage - the beautiful companion. With it many vegetables wish to make friends. The cabbage in carrots and apples salads is remarkable. The Beijing cabbage with cucumbers, daikon and mushrooms is tasty and useful.

The moneybox is big, we will leave for emergency several councils on the following time. Do not feed with fables of a nightingale. We begin to prepare spring salad under the name “Pomegranate Flower“ . Why such name? Beautifully, and so beautiful salad as pomegranate flowers. Why not?

For our vitamin salad I invite on a visit: fresh cucumbers, white cabbage, onions red napiform, pomegranate grains, pepper sweet and greens. Gas station will be from olive oil with a lemon.

It will be necessary for salad for us: cabbage - 0,5 fork, cucumbers - 2 averages; pepper - 2, red and yellow flowers; onions - 1 piece; pomegranate - 1 piece; greens on taste.

Gas station: in 50 grams of olive oil we squeeze out juice of one lemon, we add 1 tea spoon of sugar, salt on taste. We shake up to uniformity.

tonenko we slice cabbage, we salt, we will a little rumple. We will wash out cucumbers and we will cut straws. Also we wash out pepper, we clear and we cut straws. Onions red of design are not beaten out and cut in the same way. We peel pomegranate, we get precious grains. Greens - on your taste. Let`s mix ingredients, from above we will sprinkle with grains of pomegranate and we will pour the prepared dressing. A pomegranate flower on a table, appetite pleasant to all!

Country Pleasures salad - to a no - Hau, as for the name. Time for preparation of lunches on a site has not enough in the spring, here also you prepare from this, whatever is in the house. Rescued always nourishing and tasty salad to which I gave here such name.

A little it is also necessary for such pleasure - that: potato boiled, green onions, cucumbers fresh if there is a radish - we will add a radish. That was sytny, it is possible to cut a chicken fillet. To strew from above with fennel. It was necessary only to add vegetable oil.

Well and if kvasok costs prepared, then okroshka under the name “Country Pleasure - 2“ is ready. This salad is familiar to all, everyone can have secrets, products are not limited to rules. The main thing that tasty it is also useful.

Carrots, daikon salad and cabbage Beijing. Light, useful dietary salad. Becomes quickly, it is eaten even quicker.

For this salad we wash carrots, we clear and we slice on a large grater. Also we arrive with daikon. But the cabbage is gently cut by a knife straws. We cut small green onions. We will mix everything, we will salt and we will pepper. Let`s fill with sour cream.

Objedeniye! The following products are necessary for this salad: carrots - 2 averages; daikon - 1 piece; cabbage Beijing - a half of an average head of cabbage; green onions - on taste; sour cream - 150 g; salt and pepper also to taste.

Salads, undoubtedly, are useful and tasty. Recipes of salads - weight! Look for and choose to the taste, but be not afraid and to experiment.