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Modern slavery: how to hold the person forever?

Are two strategy how to hold the person - and it is unimportant, this is your employee or the love partner. The first strategy - to be good: attentive, careful, loving, attractive to provide the workplace, best in the world, convenient social package and magnificent collective, and then he will not want to leave such warm and cozy place.

Unfortunately, such strategy often suffers a defeat: in - the first, resources are not boundless and it is impossible to provide all growing requirements and secret desires of the partner or worker. In - the second, the concept “be good for your partner“ means, first of all, to consider its free will. Including its freedom to suddenly throw you forever - and to move to live to the waitress if you the candidate of science, or to replace a workplace in Google, the best employer, to a position of the modest rescuer on windsurfing - stations.

However, now we consider not motives of acts of people and how to drive people into slavery and to hold them at ourselves forever. So, strategy number two - very effective and widespread, and it is possible to catch in it anyone if to begin rather slowly and gradually.

1. First of all the person needs to be subordinated to himself. for this purpose him, as a rule, needs to be humiliated. It begins with small, as if friendly subsplittings “Ah what you clumsy“, then constant remarks “You forget about eternally everything“, and at last, continuous humiliations and constant discontent with all actions: “You cannot charge anything at all!“ What the person made, slaveholders are always dissatisfied. I know the companies where the sales plan increased every month exactly twice - naturally, nobody carried out it as tried, respectively, all received a scanty salary without the promised percent.

2. It is useful to arrange emotional “swing“. Sometimes, it is a little, it is absolutely dosed it is necessary to praise for tasty borsch, correctly beaten shelf, to give small holiday, the thirteenth salary or to award with a trip to Turkey. If constantly only to humiliate the person, at him the incentive will not try and if at it the incentive does not try, then it will not be put.

3. You remember - all of us hard leave where all of us were enclosed. Slaveholders force the partner or the worker to be put in the relations or in work to the maximum. Then it will be grieves it to throw what he devoted many years to, and this web will tighten and entangle infinitely.

4. Slaveholders constantly inspire and emphasize that, nevertheless, all have to them, lovingly cultivating magnificent sense of guilt .

5. you for certain noticed a paradoxical contradiction in the previous two councils that the person has to be put as much as possible, but at the same time feel obliged. He can notice it too. Therefore it is necessary to weaken as much as possible the person - then it will have no time and forces to reflect about heavy and an unfair sudbea, as a result, he will not begin to look for ways to change it. It is possible to make it a large number of a monkey, routine and hard work - reports, meetings and checks... However, he is very familiar? In partnership it is reached by a constant control - to do something by calls, cavils, bans, or, on the contrary, coercion to some actions.

6. Material prerequisites of slaveholding. such concept as a hook of a small salary Exists: when the person has so a low wage that he hardly - hardly manages to hold on to following, giving up hated work and to be engaged in searches of following. In partnership this fastening role is played by real estate (the partner has no place to move down) or direct material dependence.

All these methods lead to psychological burning out, a debilitation sooner or later and even professional / mental degradation - even according to the economic theory the slave labor was extremely inefficient. But if the task consists not in prosperity of the partner or worker, then it should not concern the unfair employer / partner at all.

… It is sure that you, the reader, not from those who use other people for satisfaction of the egoistical needs. But there is always a danger that you can be fallen into clutches to the modern slaveholder who can try to enslave you. Be very careful - attentively trace whether you made more, than you can whether carp at you on trifles, whether the treatment of you causes in you irritation?

Blyudite the borders and at the first signs of discomfort carefully defend the opinion, a position and the rights. You remember - the slightest concession will cause the increasing and bigger pressing until you stick. And if attacks to you continue, the only way to avoid enslavement - at once to leave, without looking at anything. Otherwise one fine day you will find yourself in a permanent stress, and it will be much heavier to escape.