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What is a kinusayga? New life of silk of a kimono

Everything flows, all changes. Old is succeeded by new. Not only people, animals and plants, but also things grow old. Old things - as they sometimes are expensive to us! Not only photos, but also things of those who look from time depths are carefully stored. And children`s pinetochka, baby`s undershirts? The hand will not be raised to throw out the first children`s shirt.

And all this is saved, saved, turning into deposits of a mezzanine and cases. How to overcome this pity to old things and will power to povybrasyvat all? How to raise a hand against the most expensive?

... Your pioneer tie which is stored forty years in a suitcase? And absolutely new suit? However, to it already almost as much years, how many to the owner. Everything, will be enough to be cried, we go to throw out. Or perhaps we will wait?

Concerning utilization at everyone the opinion. Someone considers use of old things as the total bad taste in design, and to someone to liking such creative approach. Esthetics, design - a contentious case, taste at all different. How many people - are so much also opinions.

What to consider in use of old things as a kitsch, and that creativity and art? For example, patchwork, scrapbooking, batic, decoupage. These technicians are used also for creation something absolutely new, and for restoration of things with use of old fabrics, papers, different types of boxes, buttons and many other. From all this unusually wonderful things are created by time.

One also treats such art them from the finely Japanese the technician of a kinusayg . Only in Japan where the criterion of fine is based on connection of the person and the nature, similar beauty could be born. The miracle made of silk rags (for example, scraps of the kimonos which served the century). The Kinusayga - symbiosis several the technician: application, mosaic, woodcarving and patchwork. And as a result - unique feeling of magic.

How there was this art (in a different way it is impossible to call it) how the equipment of a kinusayg appeared? To all the reason economy, namely - economy in the Japanese option. Even the kimono grows old and wears out. But fabric beautiful - the real, natural silk, and it is a pity to throw out. As interesting option of its practical application there was also an equipment of a kinusayg. Japan thinks of things, especially much of those which have an old story.

Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that life on islands where earthquakes - frequent business, accustomed not to have many things, to manage small that it was easier to escape, without rescuing a thing. Therefore “resaykling“ of things in Japan is developed more, than in other countries. And numerous books on technology of alteration of things, and the websites - to that an example.

How these amazing pictures in equipment of a kinusayg are created? Difficult, long, patiently. Even in Japan there are not enough masters of similar equipment - too much time and efforts leaves on selection of material and on process. Pictures in this equipment turn out very expensive.

Work begins with selection of small rags from a kimono. Then the project of future picture on paper is created, it is painted. Each fragment of a picture in the certain color. After that the paper sketch is cut, all fragments are numbered, and only then in a form of a fragment just the same piece is cut out from a kimono rag, but a little bit it is more than the size.

All lines are transferred to a tree. On these lines fillets - flutes which are filled with silk rags of the corresponding tone and color are cut. And now, having looked at pictures, present how many it was necessary to cut out flutes and to prepare rags what has to be done laborious work!

Generally pictures in such equipment are landscapes, city motives, people are more rare, but most often they they are turned by a back. Agree that the face is too difficult for the image fabric, however sometimes it is possible to meet in such pictures of the face of old people. It is simple to guess why old.

Except the pictures created in equipment of a kinusayg, parts of old kimonos are used as inserts in clothes and also as an accessory and addition. Do of them and a bagatelle which are called komono. From rags from a kimono also create charms and amulets. Than - what, and with talents small Japan is rich.

... However the pioneer tie from old silk will wait till the best times. It is solved, we hide in a suitcase again, mister Plyushkin.