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How to make paste of a liver of a deer?

This recipe - a fruit of experiments of the last three years. Usually hunters in America do not take a liver - leave it together with other interiors of a deer in the wood (all this is eaten by rakuna, foxes and other predatory wild beasts and birds). And in vain...

Few years ago at the very end of a hunting season with onions on a deer on a parking for hunters one of hunters, helping me to throw my deer in the car, noticed that I accurately pack also a liver. His surprised question that I am going to do with it, I answered: “Paste“. “The recipe is not confidential?“ - he asked. The recipe was not confidential and I told it.

At the beginning of the next season on the same parking I was going “to dive“ into the wood, sprinkling myself and the equipment the deodorant killing a smell of the person and his housing. Suddenly on a parking there arrived one more car and that hunter who asked the recipe of paste literally jumped out of it and ran up to me: “Vladimir (it is surprising how Americans remember even such names, difficult for them), I made paste - it is so tasty! Thanks!“ And it long shook my hand.

Unfortunately, I never weighed a liver of a deer (in the next season I will weigh) therefore how many it weighs - I do not know. But a liver, of course, not such enormous, as at an elk or even a reindeer. White-tailed deer in our staff small, the average weight of an adult female - 90 pounds (41 kg), and the male in 200 pounds (90 kg) is considered a monster.

And still. I never froze a liver so I do not know what paste will turn out from the frozen liver.

So, we pass directly to the recipe of paste from a liver of a white-tailed deer...


Liver of a deer.

Very big bulb or two averages.

Two small carrots.

Three eggs.

Big sour apple.

2 ounces (50+ grams) of margarine or butter.

Two teeth of garlic.

a Third of a glass (or it is more) cognac or brandy.

Salt and pepper.

Pineapple. the Liver of a deer we wash

, we cut strips one and a half centimeter thick. Carefully we wash once again, washing away all blood. We fry on the frying pan watered with olive oil. We fry, but we do not fry. The juice emitted at the same time is kept.

One very big bulb (or two averages) more - we cut less small, we add grated (or cut by straws) carrots and we fry on other frying pan with olive oil. We fry not for long - so far onions will not become translucent and soft. We cook hard-boiled three eggs. We peel apple of a peel, we cut on 4 parts, we cut out a core.

Now we pass everything via the meat grinder, having added two teeth of garlic, margarine (or butter if you disturb meat with dairy), we salt and we pepper to taste. It is possible to use instead of the meat grinder the blender, but it much longer. If not laziness, then pass all these ingredients via the meat grinder two or even three times. All this is very carefully mixed, adding the juice formed when frying a liver and at least a third of a glass of cognac or brandy (if paste is still dryish, we add more cognac). We leave paste for the night in the refrigerator.

Before giving on a table I add centimetric cubes of svezhenarezanny pineapple to paste or “I stick“ big slices of pineapple on which then I put paste in paste, constructing such peculiar sandwich. However, it already turns out not paste with pineapple, and pineapple with paste. But it is all the same very tasty!