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Education of the child - at what here love?

the Next rumors about the law limiting the right of our children for free education cause an indignation wave on the Internet. Those objects which were taught us within a general education, threaten to make paid, thereby reducing skills of younger generation to reading, the letter and the account. to Anger the Internet - inhabitants does not have

a limit: “Our children absolutely stupid will become“, “Want to make cattle of the people“, “Well of course who needs competent people!“ It is offered to collect signatures, to write the president, to arrange meetings against similar laws. But if to reject towards emotion and to try to look at a situation soberly - as well as it is necessary to see the things having practical value, then it is possible to see a curious picture. Unpleasant to much, but very truthful.

There is a strong wish to resort to a parallel. In the years of the study at university we, correspondence students of faculty of foreign languages, suffered from lack of literature in the studied objects. The library gave us only what was not demanded by students of a full-time department. It was necessary to buy many books, and it was not everything on a pocket. The Internet then was only in specialized salons and awfully slow. Video - and audiomaterials for development of skill of understanding of the English speech could be got hardly and in very small quantity. We exchanged literature, abstracts, wrote papers and course - the word, we studied.

Whether modern children want to study? Or it is wanted by their parents? What to hide - we also did not differ in diligence at school. There were favourite objects, favourite teachers, habitual division into humanitarian and technical mentality. But - and this main difference from modern children - at us, first of all, was aspiration to knowledge. Any teacher loving the work could pick up easily a key to our hearts and carry away the subject.

Of course, there were both conflicts, and parental reproaches, and calls to the director. But in general we studied in the healthy atmosphere of knowledge. The world around was interesting and processes of its cognition proceeded naturally. The environment in which we grew stimulated inquisitiveness. It is a lot of time in the fresh air, it is not enough TV, lack of rivalry in material acquisitions, well organized educational work and following of socialist ideology promoted right development of human abilities.

And, probably, there was a most important - parents loved children. Someone can object: “And unless do not love now?“ Love. But it is necessary to recognize that for the last couple of decades concept of love was leveled to consumer feeling. And according to this product introduced in mass consciousness (otherwise you will not call) modern parents give love to the children. Leave them on grandmothers - grandfathers because are forced to work for two - three works to pay for the car taken on credit. Buy expensive devices that “my child did not feel worse than others“. Shower with gifts to smooth the rare emergence in the bosom of the family. At the rich it occurs according to one scenario, at those who are poorer, in a different way, and at the poorest - as before at all times: alcohol, beatings, humiliations. The child receives not love, but its substitute.

But at what here love and knowledge?

The human being for healthy life needs communication - this truth is old. But I go further and I claim that informative processes of the child are formed properly only when he feels that it is loved. When mother smiles to the kid when he is ironed and talk an equal tender voice, in neural structures of a brain there are changes starting informative processes which are responsible how the child will perceive, process, acquire and use information. If the little person feels sincere discomfort - loud aggressive voices, absence of necessary care, silent discontent or badly hidden irritation, - establishment of neural communications is slowed down, or goes with failures.

In the life I met many people who grew up in families where the love was absent, and these people surprised with narrowness of thinking and inability to new knowledge and independent decisions. Some of them began to understand education value with age, but, alas, time was missed - and study was not given them as they tried.

Me also has the luck to know children whose parents loved them as it is necessary - saw in them the personality, reckoned with them, knew features of each age period, helped, but did not protect from difficulties, cared, but did not sponsor, talked heart-to-heart, but did not climb in an inner world of the child without his permission. These children were about what say that “he catches knowledge on the fly“ or “it absorbs new material as a sponge“. Irrespective of the level of material prosperity of the parents, such children surprised with various talents, simplicity and sincerity in communication, magnificent memory and a high level of responsibility.

The brain of the child possesses good plasticity, it is known. Many parents realize the value of various circles and find time regularly to drive the child in dancing studio or on drawing courses, in school of foreign languages or section of oriental martial arts. Offers sea. But if house the child does not receive a reinforcement of the success in a type of love, the result of its activity is minimized. He will know couple of methods of judo, but will not develop strong-willed character; he will be able to draw a landscape, but not to inhale in it life; it will seize one thousand - another of foreign words, but will not be capable to express the thought. And it will carry by such formalistic approach through all life - as a result of formal love which he received from people around.

Formality - the automatism basis when creativity turns into a habit, and content of activity leaves.

The most sad that the grown-up person adheres to such behavior in all areas of the life. Here from where loutish sellers, stale teachers, indifferent doctors, indifferent officials undertake. It in the professional sphere.

In private life such people step on the same rake, establishing families with similar and suffering on couple all life - from alcoholism, a beating, abuse, hysterics, bad health and low paid work. These are unreliable colleagues and uneasy neighbors. Not able to love, they cannot give this love to the children.

Other problem - they cannot even change something in the life. That to change something, it is necessary to know - as. To gain knowledge and to derive benefit from them, it is necessary to be able to use the tool given us by nature - a brain. But the person who grew up in the atmosphere of the ostentatious love or its total absence which is not able to operate informative processes - they as if are fixated on that habitual set which it took out from the childhood. Neural communications settled, and information on world around as if runs round: same dendrites, same axons, same chemical reactions to different incentives. So the physiology begins to predominate in life.

Lyubov allows to take physiological processes under control, the highest I awakes the person, promotes evolution of soul.

Whether the love can start informative processes at mature age? Certainly. But at first it should break through through a board of mistrust and laziness, to clear soul of the indifference learning from a peel and cynicism. Not any loving heart will pass similar test. Not more simply and whether more humanly initially to create a healthy environment of development for the child?