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How to mold from polymeric clay

the Moulding of flowers from polymeric clay in our country absolutely new direction. For the first time flowers from polymeric clay appeared in Japan. Mother and the daughter - Kazuko and Yukiko Miyyay became founders. In total in the world this equipment several thousands of people, and practically all of them from Japan possess. Other most part of handymen - from the USA as in Hawaii the office of school under the leadership of one of foundresses is opened.

Flowers and floristic compositions from special polymeric clay are created by means of hands. These flowers are long enough capable to please us with the beauty, and only in it they are not similar to live. Each of details of such flower is created by means of a molding from the polymeric clay possessing good plasticity. Subsequently the product list is made.

Any composition is created in the single copy. Compositions look “live“, distinguished, easy, air. Thin, completely handwork allows to decorate your interior with the fantastic flower compositions not subject to time. They will be pleasing to the eye all the year round - and even with approach of frosts in the house magnificent peonies will blossom, to surprise with the freshness of a rose.

Everyone can learn this skill, there would be only a desire. The molding of flowers from polymeric clay every time will bring positive emotions at achievement of desirable result.

With compositions from such flowers practically any home decoration - chandeliers decorates, vases, lamps, walls, mirrors, ladders and everything that will be prompted by the imagination of the designer. Besides, with flowers it is possible to decorate small objects of a decor like candlesticks, a photo - a framework and caskets, to make on a wall a picture with volume izobrazheny.

One more use of colors from polymeric clay are flowers on a wedding. For example, in the United States the custom all life got accustomed long ago to store ceramic flowers from the wedding. Therefore there try to get as much as possible beautiful and gentle bouquet, admiring which, it will be possible to remember long
this happy day.

Our flowers on a wedding from polymeric clay only begin to become fashionable, but brides already estimated an opportunity to decorate with them a hairdress and a dress instead of gentle and short-lived fresh flowers. Too it is better to take artificial flowers in the groom`s buttonhole, they should hold on all day. Besides, decorate with them the hall. Compositions from such flowers for a wedding can even be leased, not everyone is able to afford fresh flowers, and ceramic which are necessary only for one day, with pleasure use for these purposes.

Now there is an opportunity to complete amateur courses and to try to stick together a flower from polymeric clay the hands under the sensitive guide of the skilled expert, and also to learn to create unique flower compositions - for example, from a rose, plumeria, a narcissus.