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Polecat it is easy for

the Polecat - this is the representative of family marten, group of predators. Domestic polecat - long ago the tamed animal. It is considered that these animals were tamed in antique times, however the reality as useful pets them supports about 3 - 4 centuries.

Polecat - these are typical family animals who friendly treat not only the owner, but also his family and friends. The animal easily finds contact with children 7 years are more senior and becomes it the cheerful companion in games. Adults need to control the relations of children and a polecat, to help with care of an animal and to explain to the child of the rule of communication with a polecat. For children 6 years are younger you should not buy this animal as both the child, and a polecat differ in excitable temperament and can do much harm each other.

In respect of daily behavior domestic polecats - ferrets, are very clever and amusing. Even adults, they do not lose playfulness with age and remain all life cheerful and curious. Average life expectancy of a polecat is comparable with cat`s - about 10 - 12 years.

As well as any other animal, data acquisition logger the polecat has an own unique smell. The adult animal, a female or the castrated male, smell not stronger, than well well-groomed small doggie. Gonny (polovozrely) males differ in the most pungent and unpleasant smell. Such polecats mark the territory, alluring females and ego-tripping on the site.

The specific smell has a nest of a female from horyata, and also puppies of polecats to teenage age, however, if you are not going to be engaged in cultivation, it will not disturb you.

Very strong smell has the content of prianalny glands which are located at an anus not only at polecats, but also in general all representatives have families of marten. From time to time, from pain or fear, the polecat can shoot sharply smelling stream. You have to understand that it is the last argument when nothing else, in his opinion, helps any more. This smell quickly disappears. If the polecat too often uses the vonyalka or there is a suspicion on an inflammation, you can remove prianalny glands in the surgical way.

It is rather simple to support a polecat of the house if in advance to consider some features and to be prepared for them. Polecat - a polunorny small predator who possesses congenital interest in various openings and cracks and differs in very active temperament and the developed curiosity. Therefore, in order to avoid possible troubles, still before you have a polecat, you have to prepare the house taking into account certain requirements.