Rus Articles Journal

Questions and answers of meaning of life.

Small interview, with the person whom we will call - He.

- They say that the ideal as the horizon, all the time is removed in the future as approaching it. You agree with it?

- It: It seems to me that it is similar to the carrot attached on a stick before a burro which is held by the driver sitting on him, for faster movement.

- It: Really, seemingly, but Earth round and how many on it would not pass, the horizon will be ahead.

- It: I know what is not always correct, to associate what we see in this world with what occurs in other worlds. Sometimes, the person is mistaken, representing other life similar to terrestrial. It seems to me, the best way is an aspiration to a blameless way of life.

- It: It is right. Quite often in life there is what the person could not expect. And he wonders and whether I could expect and change it earlier? You did not reflect why the person could not see that he was deceived in the choice? Why the person makes mistakes which already were in his life?

- It: There is one answer checked by time. The person does not see that action which he makes will do harm.

- It: Tell in what sense of your life?

- It: I learn to find and make the correct decisions.

- It: And how you define that decisions correct?

- It: With it I am helped by a commitment to excellence of the personality, interest in the analysis of personal behavior and, of course, experience.

- It: And how you got experience?

- It: I study what leads to mistakes. As it appeared, many do not notice mental level, are not able to distinguish mental information, and it conducts to wrong behavior of the personality, personal defects are formed.

- It: You consider that defects do harm?

- It: Defects can be written down and systematized, and they do harm or not - everyone solves.

- It: What Law you consider as the main thing?

- It: I will tell so, for me opened the Law of Compliance, having understood which see that you are in that world to which you correspond. In other words, there are defects - live in the world of defects. For me, once it was as speak - break, or acceleration. I saw own perversity and followed a way of personal change.

- It: What the way of personal change is similar to?

- It: Improvement of the personality is similar to school. Learned a lesson - you understand. You do not understand - you make mistakes.

- It: Tell whether it is possible to live, without making mistakes?

- It: It seems to me that the road will be mastered by going. For a start, it is necessary to follow a way of studying and distinction that there is an advantage and that harm and will be to us happiness.