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To put, treat or execute? Reflections about serious crimes and about punishment for them

B 1996 Russia was invited (at last!) in the Council of Europe, but only provided that in the country more death penalty will not be carried out. And in 2009 the Constitutional court put the final end to this question - the capital punishment is inadmissible now even if the sentence is pronounced by a jury.

meanwhile, every day, including the TV, opening the links “Criminal Chronicle“ and just communicating with each other, we shudder for horror and at the same time we feel powerlessness. Crimes of extreme cruelty which just do not go in at us are made in increasing frequency, but we precisely know - this person (if it is possible to call so the criminal only for the fact that he goes on two legs and wears trousers) will live on our taxes!

I will not give numerous examples of the latest criminal events when the fault of criminals does not even demand proofs. What the Belgorod shooter who with the inspired person declared in a chamber is necessary: “That you, I did not want to kill children! I killed hell!“ That is from the legal point of view, of course, it is necessary to judge him and to pronounce a sentence, but actually whole world knows, and it is not necessary to prove that he is guilty that his fault is awful and that he is unworthy to live!

By itself, it will be “closed“, and, of course, for life. And relatives of those whom it killed obediently pay taxes, and among them there are no people with a fantastic salary - on the contrary, all of them with the average income, at some small children and aged relatives. Also it turns out what? Absurdity! As soon as the sentence is pronounced, and it will be taken out surely (and protect this body from persons interested to liquidate it not worse, than some oligarchs) as soon as the sentence comes into force - all of us, and those whose relatives it killed, will unfasten kopek on its contents. It turns out, the state just scoffs at you, dear citizens!

Instead of buying the child excess candy or a notebook in school (forgive for banality), you from the modest budget will send chervonets there where in heat and quite decent conditions this monster and same as it, want to sleep on a bed, but not on a floor, to eat a squash and soup, but not crackers.

And even if it will be recognized as responsible and it is closed not in a clinic, and in prison with a high security, the situation will be same “joyful“ - there it will contain in the conditions sufficient in order that his life lasted and lasted … now let`s try to understand

A why in Russia the death penalty was abolished? Let`s consider several possible reasons.

1. Citizens of Russia became more humane and demanded it from the president. No. Always and everywhere in mass media were heard (and now are heard) mass requirements exactly to execute those whose crimes were it is impossible are cruel.

2. An opportunity to avoid a miscarriage of justice not to execute unintentionally innocent. Hypocrisy. There was a case (and not one) in the presence of the death penalty when shot five or six people, and their fault was it seems proved, and the maniac all wandered on freedom and killed, killed, killed … So who is guilty of it? Those who not really sought to interrupt this trail of blood and, being afraid to lose an award for “âčń˙ę“, was eager to receive an award for successfully opened business. So it is criminals too, only in shoulder straps which actually covered the true villain.

The interesting thing turns out - the state itself recognizes that the justice system is imperfect that those who have to catch criminals cannot do it or consciously do not want.

Interestingly, these employees of law enforcement agencies were punished after the real murderer at last was caught?. Those who caught false “maniacs“ who beat out from them recognitions who proclaimed “To rise, court all right!“?

3. Preservation of “face“ before world community. Oh yes this time in a point! It turns out that we are not humane, we are not fair, we are not experts in capture of “animals“, but we enter into elite of the world, our hands of type pure now, and we can greet the sanctimonious person with the European heads.

… And how in the USA, for example? Each staff as far as I correctly understood, has the personal relation to the death penalty - in one is condemned for a certain crime of people for life and, maybe, even in about 30 years will leave under amnesty, and in other staff - shish! Killed? Be kind, sit down on an electric chair!

Business sometimes reaches marasmus, recent scandal in Vladivostok to that an example. In one regional kindergarten several people who are earlier condemned for … serious crimes (even I quote the formulation) “against life and health, sexual integrity and sexual freedom“ slaved away.

It is necessary what perverted sense of humour it is necessary to possess that the tyrant and the murderer besides what not to execute, so also to give it small term, and then to send to work to children!

And concerning other persons sitting for life … Where a guarantee that later years so the 20th that swell will not go out of prison or out of a bolnichka in good health and full of strength?... Not repentant, no, - on the contrary, with experience, with new plans and practical intentions!

And to what option of punishment you give preference?