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Can we believe in God?

Easter are the main holiday in Orthodoxy established in memory of resurrection of Jesus Christ. Before Easter the Lent comes to an end, people paint eggs, bake Easter cakes and consecrate all this in church. It is considered that this day Jesus Christ revived and granted all hope for eternal life.

It is known that the Bible is a word of God. Many study the Bible, many say prayers, but for what people do it? Someone asks that his desires were granted, someone thanks God, and someone in a prayer just expresses the feelings, as if sharing the state.

The main thing that people address God. And what forces the person to address him, it is possible to get advice at the professional psychologist now or to read useful article on the Internet? Actually to God the belief conducts.

People, of course, reflect how there was life on Earth, about opportunities of our brain, about beauty and complexity of the nature. Reflections and the gained knowledge suggest an idea that there is probably a Creator who created all this.

Today people disagree about God. Someone worships the ancestors who died millions years ago, someone considers that God - impersonal force. Or it is the real personality? Thanks to the Bible we learn that He shows interest in each of us, and the main quality of God is the love. Studying the Bible, it is possible to note, God to people is how long-suffering and mnogomilostiv.

“Because God so loved the world that he gave the Son Svoyego only-begotten that any believer in it did not die, but had life eternal“ (Ioann 3 - 16). Jesus Christ - a key to knowledge of God. The entire period of the mortal life He lived, adhering to the precepts written to Bibles. Also it in perfection imitated an example of love of the Father.

He showed deep love to people, cured blind, deaf, lame, fed thousands of hungry, revived the dead. Though in the Bible it is also reported about Christ`s death, he is living, and hundreds of people in the 1st century AD witnessed that he revived.

On the example of Jesus Bog showed what has to be the person. To get closer to God, it is necessary, in - the first, to trust. What is belief? This unconditional recognition something true. It is simple not to all to believe in God, someone needs examples, someone does not want to subordinate himself to certain laws, but anyway, the person is created so that the belief in him is already put. However the choice for him.

Some people come to God, having just come into church, others - having heard proper words from preachers, so brought up the third since the childhood. But it is always necessary to remember that it is very important step. Because those who came to belief, note how life what changes happen in the person changes for the better.

With belief it is easier to go on life. The main thing - to remember that there are two main precepts of God on which all Bible is based - love God and love the neighbor as themselves. Really, if we accept God, then we will try to live under his laws. And if we love the neighbor, then we will never not do anybody any harm, we will do good only.

Executing these laws, we not will neither kill, nor to commit adultery, nor to steal. Only to love. But as it is difficult for us! In fact we are very weak therefore such hope for God.

If we assign to it all the cares (“Assign all your cares to It because It is concerned about you“ (1 Pat. 5 - 7), difficulties will become much less.

Besides, we need such quality as humility. Yes, it is very difficult to refuse something temporarily important for us, but it is necessary to remember what Bog knows how for us it is actually better and if we hope for it, then he also will make quite so. He sees farther, knows that he will be. Therefore it is also necessary to learn to reconcile, Bog does not give more tests, than we can sustain.

If we assigned our problems to God and are ready to make any solution what will offer Bog, ready to reconcile to his decision, then always it turns out as blagopryatny for us! Even if we also do not agree first with such decision. However over time you see - and and the truth is better!

It is worth praying also sincerely. It is for this purpose optional to go “Somewhere though it is told where two or three are brought together in the name My, there and I in the middle of them“ (the IATF. 18 - 20), but it is possible to do it and to one, in any place, the main thing - that the prayer went from heart. It is optional to learn some words, only sincerely and with all the heart you pray for what you want to tell. Whether it be application or words of gratitude. Bog looks at heart. You remember it when you ask, you make acts, you do charity work - generally, always. Many people in gratitude to God devote him the talents. Recently good poems of Lidiya Lvovna Zhidkova met to me. Here one of them.


Belief - above knowledge, above physical forces.
Belief is imputed righteousness, it saves the world.
Vera - the darling Boga, the companion of mortal life!
You open the road to edge perfect, sacred.
You are communication terrestrial with heavenly, God and weak beings.
You are an inspirer wonderful everyday affairs and miracles.

Believe because “On your belief yes will be to you“. (IATF. 9 - 29)