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Whether it is reasonable to believe in God?

more and more people begin to think Recently of God, they want to carry out not just thoughtlessly these or those ceremonies, but also to know their appointment, sense. But first of all want to understand who such - God? Still scientists cannot confirm

, having scientifically proved, to disprove existence of God, but in the same way they cannot explain also essence of energy, the reason of emergence of the Universe and life on Earth.

Usually scientists explain this phenomenon so: molecules for millions of years faced, faced - and in some way created life. Such answer means that under the influence of energy of the Sun and electric discharges certain matter began to move chaotically, turned into organic and became a live organism.

But how it is possible that without any management live matter appeared from lifeless? Many minds struggled with this question, scientists scientifically proved and proved the versions and theories, but still they and remained theories. The Nobel laureate Jacques Mono wrote: ďA fundamental principle of amazing structure of evolution is the pure case caused by nothing, a blind case. The person now knows that he is lonely in the insensible immense Universe and that it arose thanks to a caseď.

However the modern science even more often comes to a conclusion that life too is difficult to arise unexpectedly even in specially equipped laboratory, not to mention uncontrollable environment.

That life arose spontaneously, for this purpose it would be required that all necessary chemicals some inexplicably in the necessary quantity would be near with each other in a certain sequence, at a certain temperature, with a certain pressure and other very important certain conditions. These conditions should be supported during strictly certain time. Besides, it is necessary for emergence of life that this coincidence repeated thousands of times.

But probability of such coincidence, even to form at least one simple proteinaceous molecule, it is unreal it is small. Besides, scientists came to a conclusion that all Universe is subordinated to certain laws, they are surprised and delighted simplicity of these laws. And if there are such laws, that is probability that there is also the one who established them. Time laws, managing directors of the Universe, were calculated on emergence of life, directed to creation of conditions, necessary for it, it speaks about somebody a plan. It turns out that it is not about a blind case that it is possible to assume existence there is nobody the Creator of the Universe.

Believers verify the life according to the Book of books - Bibles. In the Bible creation of the Universe, the person and mankind history is described. In the same place also laws under which there have to live people are written down.

For happy life just it is necessary to follow these precepts. But people are imperfect, they constantly doubt everything, without reflecting, follow the momentary desires, and then suffer from consequences.

Having believed in God, very many claim that they got notable support. Hoping for It, people cope with, apparently, unsoluble situations easier, - recover from diseases, receive the invitation to highly paid work, to them there are just improbable events in which sometimes it is difficult to believe. But everything occurs not at once and when belief originally when the person prays sincerely.

It is possible to pray even for that God gave belief. That prayer which goes from heart and works wonders. Perhaps, it is worth thinking of it, to reflect and treat more seriously this subject?