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How Alexey Rybnikov created music to / f “Treasure island“ and “Big space travel“?

Alexey Rybnikov do not need representation. In due time its fate - operas “Star and Joaquin Murrieta`s Death“ and “Juno and Avos“ did a lot of noise on open spaces of the USSR and still with success go on a theatrical stage. However for the first time to hearts of broad masses he reached, thanks to the ingenious music to movies.

“Treasure island“ (1971)

the Graduate of the Moscow conservatory and Aram Khachaturian`s pupil - Alexey Lvovich Rybnikov in 24 years became the member of the Union of composers. However, according to him, the academic music at that time reached a deadlock - became heavy and destructive. And it did not satisfy the young composer. Rybnikov admitted that he since the childhood not really liked to pore over scores, but adored composing the music - surely with bright expressive melodies. And he felt that figurativeness of motion picture art is ideally suited for realization of creative ambitions.

Alexey Rybnikov: “Then surely clear musical subject was required for

. It has to was it is obligatory to be bright which would be recognizable and bore on itself all dramaturgic loading of the movie

It is necessary to tell that creation of music to cinema - process very specific. Rybnikov sneered that the main source of inspiration here - “the appointed day of delivery of work to the director“ , and quoted Tchaikovsky that “inspiration is a guest who does not like to visit lazy“ . At the same time he always said that he tried not to give in to a temptation to work carelessly even if the movie seemed not really strong, and every time wrote music as last time.

A. Rybnikov:

“Music can ennoble the movie, and it is possible to ruin it in general. The concept “good music“ of cinema does not exist. There is music which works, or does not work. It is possible to write ingenious music, but which is not combined with the image at all - and all this lost labor“.

In spite of the fact that Rybnikov began to write the first film music from the middle of 1960 - x, he always considered as a turning point in the career work on the screen version “Treasure islands“. It was already the second Soviet screen version of the well-known novel of R. L. Stephenson (the first took place in 1937). It was necessary to work on music in extreme conditions.

The matter is that shootings took place in 1970 in the Crimea, and there cholera epidemic just burst. As a result the composer had even to give a subscription that he will not return from the peninsula before the end of quarantine. On the plane to the Crimea with Rybnikov only 6 people flew.

On arrival to Yalta the director of a picture Evgeny Friedman brought the composer to the room with the broken piano and told: “Here to you week on composing music, and then we will solve - we will work together or we will not be“.

A. Rybnikov: “I remember

how I sat there - at this piano, and, in general, forgot about everything and composed these melodies. Before me there were only images of the favourite book“.
the Written material to the director was pleasant to

. Before running away on the continent, Rybnikov even managed to drive across the Black Sea on the real “Espanyola“ which is specially constructed for the movie. However, as shootings took place in December, the composer during swimming terribly froze.

New problems arose already at record of music. The matter is that the Soviet level of equipment of a sound recording at that time lagged behind world. And here Rybnikov had an opportunity to register on the multichannel equipment. The management of the movie gave a hostile reception to this, in appearance, fine idea. The matter is that in the USSR expenses on the movie and the place of record was are strictly limited, and the composer had to make considerable efforts that his music began to sound at the level of time.

On it peripetias did not end. After a release of the movie to Rybnikov colleagues from the Union of composers took up arms.

A. Rybnikov:

“It! Nikita Bogoslovsky, the author of music to the first movie “Treasure island“, ticked off my work totally! To his critic picked up newspapers and magazines... My music ceased to be executed, orders came to an end, new offers were not - around me the vacuum was formed! I began the hardest depression...“

Rejection, most likely, was caused by use in separate compositions (it seems “Baby Jannie“) elements fate - music that for the serious Soviet composer was more useless. Rybnikov took a liking to fate - music for a long time - since for the first time heard Elvis Presley and BEATLES. He felt at once that in these simple songs fresh and powerful energy is concluded. Well, and after emergence such “difficult“ fate - groups as KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD, ELP, took to this genre a strong liking at all. Openness new, in combination with the academic training and melodic gift, will soon turn Rybnikov into one of the most popular film composers.

It is interesting that today “Baby Jannie“ sounds a little fondly. But both the piracy ballad “Poor Tommie“, and the main tool subject of the movie (on plates it is called “Flint`s Treasures“) are still good. On the last in 35 years for Rybnikov`s tribyyut “At intersections of the childhood“ the leader of ALICE group Konstantin Kinchev will write down the whole song with by the own words - under the name “Blue Limit“.

to this lovely old children`s movie about tests of three children - astronauts many will remember

“Big space travel“ (1974) music only on the eve of New 2003 - go years. Then on a platform the duet of the singer Natalya Korolyovoy and her husband Sergey Glushko known as “Tarzan“ for the first time will appear.

Thanks to them the song “You Trust or not“ found the second life. I remember even its ridiculous interpretation on one of KVN - performances where the girl enthusiastically sang:

I noticed once,

That in the winter bushes of a lilac

Blossomed as though in May -

You trust me or not?

Then the doctor stepped on the stage (obviously the psychiatrist) and continued by the calming voice:

I, of course, trust you...

N. Korolyova:

“On the eve of New Year`s holidays musical editorial office of Channel One addressed us with Sergey with the offer to execute a duet. Also there were several offers among which just and there was a song “You Trust or not“. Probably, it was the only song which hooked on us because we felt, in - the first that it is our song and that we will be able to make it absolutely in a different way“.

the Queen with Tarzan really gave to this song “adults“ shades. Actually in the movie of 1974 the song symbolized still children`s love and accompanied a scene where the boy and the girl joyfully run directly in the rain between the crowd covered with a set of multi-colored umbrellas. By the way, on the same melody also other (very short) song under which children dance not to freeze sounds.

Perhaps, once fairy tales

our Earth are suddenly left.

Us will whirl away then on stars

of Steam of racers bay.

There, in the worlds of others and strange,

other fairy tales Will meet. We will return to

them to Earth

With couple of racers bay again.
Then “You trust

or not“ sounded performed by VIA LOYAL FRIENDS, and voices belonged to Igor Kapitannikov and Mila Berlinskaya. The author of the text Igor Kokhanovsky remembered that it was easy to work with Rybnikov because that composed music on already ready verses.

From interview with A. Rybnikov:

- “I, of course, trust you“. And in it what secret?

- Yes any it seems was not. Here unless loss - there a subject sounds twice more slowly, than in a zapeva, but on the same rhythm. I. Used such reception anywhere any more and from it there is a feeling of flight as though ran, ran, suddenly time - and departed!
“You trust

or not“ became the most known of compositions of “Big space travel“ though there also others sound: space - romantic “Milky Way“ (with words and without) and adventurous - the heroic “Song of racers“ solved in fashionable then VIA - style.

I will already tell about other film music of Alexey Rybnikov in the following article. For now persons interested can listen to music in 1 - m comments to article of this.