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Whom you will desire to judge?

“To rise, the court all right!“ - a thunderous voice growled the corpulent judge in indispensable attribute of all cine judges - a white wig. Called the judge Osuzhdeniye. In the right side accusers began to move. They knew that the victory will be behind them and rubbed hands.

the First accuser read the speech.

- The defendant dared to leave work which bothered to her. She does not shine with special talents and better to herself will find nothing. Repeats all the time: “It is necessary to follow the dream“. And on me, it is so best of all to sit and not to try. Here will remain now flat broke, - said Fear, cautiously looking around that not to court trouble.

- The defendant too often behaves as she wants. As though the opinion of other people is not important for it at all. And these people, by the way, give advice, worry. Yesterday the neigbour from the fifth floor advised a skirt to wear more long, tea, not the girl already, so she got on it today again. Also does not appreciate the husband absolutely, contradicts in everything. And the other day in general dared to tell: “You will offend me once again, I will not begin to suffer it and I will leave“. And what as a result whom it to itself will find? Will perish from loneliness. It is necessary to hold men very much whatever they were, - lingeringly said Dependence, having pursed at the same time lips.

- The defendant could not look after the child of the girlfriend during week-end when the girlfriend about it asked her, having decided to arrange, at last, the private life. Own plans for the defendant above all. And how help to other people? Egoist! - hissed Obsequiousness.

- Refused to come to work on a holiday when it about it was so asked. From - for it, unusable, the company lost the client. Idler! But also wants increase. Orders of the administration need to be executed always, - Resignation and Excessive responsibility shouted in two voices.

On a dock, having stooped, the girl sat, having dejectedly hung the head and even without trying to express any protests against charges. It was tired, tortured and badgered. And on a question: “Is what to tell in the justification?“ - only dejectedly shrugged shoulders. Called her the Self-assessment, and similar courts were carried out over it with a constant regularity.

The sentence is unanimously pronounced: she is guilty that is irresponsible, selfish, indifferent, ambitious and impatient, and also - the bad wife, too strict mother and the inattentive daughter. It is sentenced to lifelong justifications for the acts.

And so also there lives a girl, all are spoken: “Sorry, I did not want“. But the more she apologizes, the more she is judged and hang labels. She puts on herself all these labels and bears through all life as a red banner.

The self-assessment is a view of itself, it is an assessment of the qualities, feelings, merits and demerits. She is a young lady whimsical, and it is necessary to make thrifty use of it. And she is responsible for phrases “Yes, I it am worthy. And I am a beautiful wife, the mistress, mother and the daughter“.

When it healthy, strong and adequate then parasites everyones, like condemnation and sense of guilt, do not stick. And if it bends, like a small stalk on wind, being underestimated, overestimated, then these children already here, begin to sing the songs under the name “it is guilty, has to and I repent“.

When the self-assessment suffers, often happens so that it is quite enough one doubtful phrase accidentally thrown by someone to be undeceived in own forces, and victories which were reached earlier are for some reason erased at the same time from memory. Examples of that hundreds - from the unfortunate novel to not doterty glasses. At the household level - burned some dish, numerous justifications already begin: “Forgive, darling that the dish did not work well. I said to you that the hostess from me useless. But you love me also such, the truth?“

For this reason is very important to praise itself for any done work. To be proud of the achievements and to carefully store them. And phrases like “Yes well, anything - that I special also did not make, the combination of circumstances is simple. It is not my merit“ - it is desirable not to use. It is worth thinking of absurd and nonsense of all these charges also. A failed affair, going away from work, the burned slightly dish - all this nonsense in comparison with self-damage and loss of belief in own forces.

There will be a new novel, there will be a new work, there will be a new dish - the main thing, as you feel inside.