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Whether giraffes like to kiss?

the biggest heart, the most high blood pressure, the longest tail, color sight and ability it being necessary to sleep - about what land animal there is a speech? Correctly, about a giraffe. To everything listed it also the highest mammal on our planet.

Surprising long-necked

you Remember a children`s riddle: in what word three letters e in a row? In the word “long-necked“. A giraffe - the most long-necked animal on Earth. And it is yet not the most surprising fact about this unusual creation. You judge.

Males of giraffes reach in height of 5 meters and weigh to 2 tons, and a quarter of this weight - his neck, and 10 - 12 kg - heart which misses 60 liters of blood a minute and creates pressure three times higher than human.

The neck of a giraffe can be more than 2 meters, but consists of only 7 vertebras, as well as human, only vertebras these extended and have a structure by the principle “a ball - a pole“ therefore so flexible neck.

The giraffe usually sleeps standing, no more than 10 minutes for once and no more than an hour in total in day. Sometimes puts the head between two branches not to fall. In rare instances the giraffe lays down on the earth, draws in under himself forward legs, and bends the head back and puts on a sacrum - here when flexibility of a neck is necessary.

As for falling, giraffe life begins with it - newborn cubs fall from height of 2 meters. And here giraffes from 16 to 20 hours in day eat though they physically do not need such quantity of food. Probably, they are carried away by process especially as it absolutely frictionless - males and females eat leaves from different parts of a tree.

In general giraffes very peace and social animals. Females are among themselves very amicable, will even organize some kind of “kindergartens“ - leave all kids on care of one mummy and go as you already guessed, is. And males, even sorting out among themselves the relations, never use the main weapon - a kick which they easily behead a lion.

the Enemy No. 1

From predators attack giraffes only lions, but, generally they hunt the cubs who beat off herd and sick animals. Attack on an adult giraffe, even drinking or sleeping, can easily end with death of the lion - a kick, very strong at a giraffe. Therefore it is possible to tell that the only real enemy of an adult giraffe is a person.

In North Africa ancient Greeks and Romans hunted giraffes. So, just for fun. In black Africa, by means of holes and traps, the African tribes got desired spotty skins and strong long sinews. Meat at giraffes though edible, but very rigid therefore hunting and these people did not cause damage to the number of giraffes.

But white settlers, killing in large quantities just for the sake of an entertainment, very quickly turned giraffes into rare animals. On their all planet there were no more than 100 000 individuals. Today farming in areas of their dwelling became the main reason of reduction of number of giraffes. Over the last 10 years on Earth the quantity of giraffes was reduced by 30%!

One of the most rare subspecies of giraffes - Rothschild`s giraffe. It is under the threat of disappearance. In the wild nature there were only several hundreds of these beautiful creatures.

Where to kiss with a giraffe?

Today the set of programs for preservation and increase in number of giraffes exists. The center of giraffes ( of Giraffe Centre ) in the suburb of Nairobi - one of them. It is the unique project of the African fund of protection of the wild animals who are under the threat of disappearance.

The center was founded in 1974 by the Kenyan of the British origin Jack Lesley Melville and his wife Bettie. Spouses found the lost cub of a giraffe of Rothschild near the house. Since then the Center rescued, grew up and released in the territory of national parks more than 500 giraffes. Agree, considering quantity of the giraffes who remained on Earth, it is a lot of.

Today the Center of giraffes is engaged in rescue and cultivation of giraffes of Rothschild and the Masai giraffes, and also support of the ecological projects directed to preservation of endangered species of animals. As a part of such projects various educational ecological programs for school students, youth and for adults.

Visitors of the Center can closer get acquainted with giraffes. And acquaintance turns out rather close - the platform for people equalizing a difference in growth and providing a meeting “face to face“ is constructed here. If the giraffe who is freely walking across the huge territory of the Center wants, it will approach closer. Big difference from a zoo, isn`t that so?

And still here it is possible to make what is strictly forbidden practically in all zoos of the world - to feed a giraffe. Besides, if he wants. The forage is provided free of charge, and the staff of the Center with pleasure will show how to feed.

Trained for 20 hours a day to attract to an acacia branch mouth, exacting zhirafy language dexterously collects forage pieces from human palms. Not each visitor decides to try to feed, not everyone wants to repeat, language, very slippery at a giraffe, - dense saliva is natural protection against acacia prickles. But also not at each visitor the wild giraffe accepts food. Some and remain to stand with the stretched palm, not awarded with attention.

Something cat`s, expressly independent, is in zhirafy character. Eighteen-year-old Helen`s giraffe (employees of the Center name giraffes), having approached a platform, in several meters very defiantly turned to people a back and stood. No appeals, offers of food, an admonition of employees of the Center could change her mood. Having staid so long enough, it was developed and slowly approached the tourist, in who hands was not even food …, to

I all - whether giraffes like to kiss, you ask? It is hard to say, but they only kiss those who were pleasant to them. In the Center of giraffes such opportunity is absolutely real. And if the giraffe decides to make it, to you not to get out - 45 - centimetric violet language by all means will overtake you!