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This drink won popularity among gourmets worldwide, thanks to the
aroma and refined taste.
World favourites of coffee:

Expresso. It is very strong coffee prepare in the presence of the client
on the special device which banishes the water mixed about the
ferry through very thinly ground coffee. Use big
amount of coffee: 2nd table. l. coffee on the 6th table. l. waters. Moves
in a small cup, and sugar is added to taste.

Cappuccino. This coffee is also cooked in the device for the express. It is
less strong, and it is given in a cup of the bigger size, adding

Machiato. One more coffee loved in Italy. To fill a glass
of coffee - edges are 5 mm lower than the express. To add cold milk,
having poured in it on edge of a glass. To give the filled glass on a saucer
with a small tissue.

Coffee with milk in Italian (caffe lstte). the Italian morning coffee,
consisting of the equal number of the express and hot milk. the Glass half to fill
the express, and then to fill in with hot milk,
which slightly foams with top. To give on a saucer, having wrapped up a glass a tissue.

Coffee with milk on - French (cafe au lait) for breakfast
in France strong black coffee and hot milk in equal proportions
Surely is served (sometimes 2 or 3 parts of milk and 1 part of coffee) These two ingredients pour
in a big cup or a drinking bowl.

Coffee in Turkish. In Turkey, Greece and in the Middle East the dense dark sweet
coffee is made in the Turk. Put 1 full p. of l on each cup. strongly fried
coffee (on ground in thin powder), 60 ml. cold water and 1 h l. sugar.
Is brought to boiling on moderate fire; we remove from fire as soon as foam appears.
In each cup we pour a little coffee; we repeat three times, having tracked that
in each cup on a surface was foam. Coffee is drunk in Turkish from tiny
cups; to it the glass of cold water moves.

Coffee on - Irish. we Put 2 pieces (1 tea l.) sugar also we pour in 45 ml of the Irish
whisky (for the portion) in the warmed-up glass on a leg, on 2/3 we add its hot
black coffee. We disturb and carefully we pour in cream on a spoon that remained on
of a surface. We do not mix.

Spicy coffee on - Vienna [/I ]. We pour 3 glasses of hot strong coffee in a saucepan,
we put 2 sticks of cinnamon, 4 carnations and 4 peas of the Jamaican pepper. We cook on weak
fire of 10 - 15 minutes. We filter and spill in the warmed-up glasses or glasses.
we Put from above whipped cream, we strew with a nutmeg. It is possible to add sugar. Spicy coffee we give
cold, without adding some cream, we decorate with a lemon.

Coffee - iced coffee. we Cook for
strong black coffee, we add sugar to taste. We cool and put in the refrigerator.
poured in a mold for ice a little coffee. Before giving to a table we spill in high
glasses, we add to each piece of the frozen coffee and we decorate with whipped cream.

Facets di of cafe (cafe frappe) . This cooling dessert is present at the
menu of the European bars in the summer. It is necessary to make strong black coffee, to add sugar to taste,
to cool and filter. We pour in the superficial pallet, we freeze, then we crush
in the blender. To shift in high glasses, we decorate with whipped cream and we strew
with grated chocolate.

Hot Mocha “Java“.
Coffee with very strong taste. Often add chocolate to it.
needs to add a crust of 1 orange and 1 lemon,
To 8 cups of strong hot coffee 4 sticks of cinnamon, 1/4 glass of chocolate syrup and 4 drops of anisic oil. Mix we draw
on weak fire of 15 min.; we filter and spill in small cups.
added to each cup a curl of a lemon and decorate with whipped cream.
of Portions: 12