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How it is correct to make coffee?

Good afternoon friends! For many of us the integral attribute of new day is the cup of fragrant coffee. And not the secret that all process of preparation of coffee for us is only in how to fill instant coffee and sugar in a cup and to fill in contents with boiled water. And here is how it is correct to make coffee, the majority, unfortunately, even do not guess. Not because it is difficult process which demands certain skills and abilities - just at the person can not be free time in the morning on welding to itself a fragrant cup of coffee.
A here during the week-end., it yes, is no place to hurry and it is possible to relax. And time so, then we offer you several councils as it is correct to make coffee in house conditions.

What for this purpose is necessary? We will need the Turk for cooking, coffee, a spoon with the long handle, sugar and other ingredients which you will wish to put in coffee. Small retreat. If you the beginner is better if you buy already ground coffee. What it is necessary for? Just next time when you will independently do it, you will easily orient in the correct grinding of coffee. If you did not manage to find the correct grinding of such coffee, or you bought coffee beans, then before cooking they should be ground. For this purpose you will be able to use the coffee grinder, or the manual blender with the container for this purpose will approach. And so, the preparatory stage is finished. Let`s start practice.

How it is correct to make ground coffee in the Turk? First way.

Step-by-step instruction.

1. You will boil a little water in a teapot. Further in the Turk pour a little bit warm boiled water.

2. In the Turk with water fill ground coffee. For a coffee cup there will be enough 1,5 - 2 h l. ground coffee. If you love coffee more strong, fill on the flavoring preferences.

3. Now from a teapot in the Turk we pour boiled water. Water volume in the Turk has to equal the volume of a coffee cup. It is very important that you poured only warm water, but not boiling differently you will spoil all drink, even without having started its cooking.

4. We put Turku on fire and we wait. There is the most important moment which you should not miss! The moment when coffee almost began to boil, but does not boil yet and at this moment of coffee it is necessary to remove from fire. Also you watch closely the skin level as soon as it begins to rise up - your coffee is ready.

5. You do not hurry to pour ready coffee in a cup at once, let to be drawn it a couple of minutes. Then we pour coffee in a cup and to taste we add sugar.

How it is correct to make coffee? Second recipe.

1. Warm to the Turk on fire. Do not heat but only slightly warm up 35 - 40 sec. on moderate fire will be enough. If Turk it was just washed up and from within it wet, then it will be necessary to warm up it before full evaporation of water.

2. Further we fill in the Turk of coffee. On average 1,5 - 2 h l. ground coffee on a standard coffee cup.

3. For coffee add sugar to taste at once.

4. Slightly we roast coffee and sugar in the Turk. When you begin to notice that sugar began to melt, and coffee to stick together, it means that you enough them fried thoroughly. Such roasting will promote for formation of a good skin.

5. Pour water. In this recipe use only cold water, it is possible of course and boiled, but it is not desirable. Water level has to be proportional to the size of your cup, but not above a narrow isthmus Turks.

6. Now we wait the moment when the skin, and coffee to boiling begins to rise. It came, we remove coffee from fire, we allow to be drawn a little then it is poured in a cup.