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How to buy session?

are known to All that from session before session students live cheerfully. And then hour of X comes and to students becomes not to fun. And the more had fun in intervals between sessions, the it is more than grieves in anticipation of examinations. And as from the developed socialism we already safely doperestraivatsya before underdeveloped capitalism, immediately there is an idea: if session cannot be handed over, then it needs to be bought! Capitalism at us or where?

So how to buy session.

The most reliable way of passing an examination - to buy the teacher. That is to pay the teacher for a positive assessment. If it is good to pay, and the teacher not too basic, then the positive assessment can be very high. At big desire and a chubby purse it is possible even to apply for an honors degree.

Purchase of the teacher is convenient also that, buying one, also certain communications are got at once: already bought teacher can recommend the “monetary“ student to the colleagues. Or, if suddenly the colleague was excessively basic and, as they say, does not take, to ask this colleague about personal service (“Help! The nephew is filled up, I do not know, as to do!“) - and not on sale teacher has to think that to him still to work and work in this collective, and to refuse a personal favor moreover such small, very not comme il faut.

In the same way it is possible to get offset, to hand over laboratory works, to write decent course and even very nice thesis.

More difficult way of purchase of session - the appeal to the organizations or citizens providing certain services. For example, dictation of the answer to examination questions directly at examination by means of the microearphone. Or purchase of answers for testing. Listing is bought, so, learned as the poem, and then it is necessary only to stick into keys reflex.

The microearphone - it, of course, cool! It is not necessary to represent the painful teeth which are tied up by a kerchief as to the famous character of “Shurik`s Adventures“ (short story “Examination“) moreover and to assure the teacher that examination - always a holiday, justifying the flower in a buttonhole hiding the microphone. Why the magnificent rose is necessary if on sale there are microchambers - photographed the examination card, sent it fast where follows and sit, enjoy the low voice whispering questions directly on an ear.

Earlier - that to the teacher was simpler, the equipment always was at him, and now directly espionage passions, up to application a glushilok, not allowing to go on-line or to make a call from the mobile phone during examination. But if such equipment is used to entrance examinations, then sessions by a similar delicacy are not provided. And the specialized organizations suggest to rent the corresponding equipment which will help to pass examination.

But there are two strong undercurrents. In - the first, it is possible to run into unfair performers. The organizations or the citizens providing hints at examinations usually take an advance payment for the services. Not 100%, but nevertheless. And in many cases their phones for communication cease to answer during examination. It is difficult to make a complaint: officially at all it is impossible, and informally … so it is necessary to prove still that business was not in some glitch of a network. The advance payment, naturally, does not come back. And besides, the hint such at examination can turn out same timely and correct as the well-known hint of Abdurrahman - ibn - Hottab who sincerely considered that ants of the size of the person are found in India.

It is necessary to notice that rent of the microearphone and microchamber, but not their acquisition, does not rescue from lack of communication during examination, it is necessary to leave the mortgage cost of the equipment. So well-wishers can quite evaporate in the unknown direction, having left the student independently to deal with session.

The second undercurrent is even simpler: the teacher can do everything - to notice use of the unauthorized equipment. For example, mobile phone. Or even the microearphone (there are very sharp-sighted teachers!) . As a result - exile of the student from examination audience with negative result of examination.

As for answers for testing, they seldom are more expensive than paper on which are printed. What, however, does not prevent sellers to take for them very essential money. However none of sellers guarantee that it is 100% answers and questions which will appear in this or that test. Usually listing is presented as “approximate option“ or “the most probable questions“ (answers, by the way, too - “the most probable“). The fact that in most cases similar listings represent only a photocopy of the standard textbook is characteristic.

Such goods are designed for students from the known joke...

Teacher: “A question on five points - as my name is?“ Tishina in audience. Teacher: “A question on four points - what we hand over? “ Tishina in audience. Teacher: “A question on three points - what color the textbook?“ A voice from back rows: “In brings down, a reptile!“

the Joke a joke, but many students really have no idea of color of the textbook, without speaking about contents that does them by an easy mark of sellers of “unique materials“.

So all is better - to buy the teacher. More reliably.

There is only one question. Undoubtedly, it is possible to buy session, course, the thesis. It is possible to buy the diploma - both the “left“ crusts, and quite official, only official it is necessary to wait five years. All this is quite real. But attention, question! And how about knowledge? What, except the diploma, is taken out from educational institution if regularly to buy sessions? Crust, of course, business good. But not she feeds, and head contents. And if there is nothing, except examination price tags, then and existence of the diploma will not help.

Is it worth buying session? Perhaps, it is much better to get acquainted with color of the textbook nevertheless? And it is even better - with its contents. It cheaper, both more reliably, and differently - is more useful.