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Why carrots were declared fruit?

Are surprised to Europeans. Same it is necessary to guess: for the sake of business to rename vegetable into fruit. Here that means business people. About what conversation? Yes all about the same is about products.

the Rare dish does without this vegetable. Marinades, a pickles, salads, soups - everywhere it is good. Carrot with cabbage, carrots with apples, carrots with pepper - without this vegetable in any way. Vegetable? Or fruit?

Portuguese are guilty of such confusion, not they are more faithful even, and a favourite dish of many inhabitants of Europe where import the most tasty carrots jam. As it is for certain known, in Europe the legislation of the EU it is forbidden to sell vegetable jam. But demand for it big, business is business.

An exit was found - to declare carrots fruit. What was and is made; since 1991 in the European Union carrots are approved in the status of fruit. It is necessary only to learn how carrot belonged to this renaming.

However, speak, it is not lonely - even tomatoes received the same fate. Therefore you can quietly ask to weigh in the vegetable market of fruit carrot, and will not refuse to you, I hope.

What vegetable or fruit is, from - for whom it was necessary even to change properties? Carrots are known since the most ancient times, but began to cultivate it in the third century B.C. Ancient Greeks of Teforast and Dioskorid wrote about a plant. Carrots were mentioned in their manuscripts how stafilinos and karaton. Wrote about it also Hippocrates. Pliny considered that it is a field parsnip. Great Avicenna sang of carrots, including its the finely aphrodisiac.

But carrot familiar to all wore other clothes those centuries, was yellow or violet. Orange the beauty became in the 17th century. In the modern world carrots are first of all result of selection of a set of types.

This root crop is subdivided into two groups of grades: table and fodder. The first are a different form and a look, but coloring - all shades orange. Fodder carrots can be both orange, and white or red. Difference, of course, and in taste: table carrots more sweet (sugar) and juicy.

We will look, than carrots what properties are more valuable to us are useful.

Sweet of carrots is given by glucose, in this root crop to 12% of sugars. Besides, it contains fats, proteins and vitamins.

But the main richness of this vegetable, of course, carotene which at intake turns into Retinolum - valuable vitamin A. But in order that it was really useful, it is desirable to eat carrot with masliyets or sour cream. As carotene without such tasty additive as fats, does not wish to be acquired. Use of vitamin A at diseases of heart is especially important and after a myocardial infarction - for strengthening of vessels.

Also it is necessary for the normal growth of children. At reception of vitamin A sight improves, so, at least, scientists consider. This vitamin and for improvement of a condition of skin is important.

But it should be added that physicians warn: vitamin A has to be delivered in an organism not with synthetic vitamins, and with natural products.

Carrot on the content of natural vitamins one of record-holders. Root crops contain B1, B2, B6 vitamins and fat-soluble - D, K, E. Imeyutsya in carrots flavonoids, as well as essential oils. Contents in it pantothenic and ascorbic acids, and also minerals of iron, cobalt and copper do carrots by a valuable dietary product for prevention of an anemia.

We will add still that in carrots there is a lot of vegetable cellulose. And it is really important for an organism as thanks to such property carrot can replace laxative at problems with intestines.

In megalopolises the number of cars grows already in a geometrical progression, respectively, also problems with contents grow in the atmosphere of toxic agents which are thrown out with exhaust gases. And in this case carrots will come to the rescue. Even its small quantity promotes cleaning of an organism of lead.

Existence in this root crop of salts of potassium well influences not only warm activity, but also for work of kidneys and a gall bladder as carrots are zhelchegonny and a diuretic. Such properties of vegetable are useful also to hypertensive persons - to pressure decrease.

But it is worth noticing that carrots, as well as any product, not medicine and not panacea from diseases. It has also contraindications at which it is not necessary to abuse this product. Consultation of the attending physician is in that case necessary.

Carrots are good not only on a dining table, she figures prominently in traditional medicine and in cosmetology. So, in the gold books the famous healer Alla Tartak carrots salad is also fresher than cabbage calls “a broom for cleaning“, considering that morning reception of this salad is useful to an intestines tone.

In traditional medicine the use of carrot juice is recommended for strengthening of a retina of eyes and decrease in harmful effects of the computer. Also it is considered that reception of carrot juice reduces the level of cholesterol and promotes strengthening of walls of blood vessels. Recommend to apply carrot juice to decrease in acidity and as a helminthic. At cough and hoarseness advise to drink juice carrot with honey.

In cosmetology do various masks for improvement of skin of carrots.

Carrots combinations to other natural products help at enlarged pores, at problem fat skin and at removal of inflammatory processes from an acne.

What carrots it is better to buy and how to choose it? Carrot of bright orange color as it demonstrates the bigger number of availability of carotene differs in excellent flavoring properties. Also it is considered that carrots of a rounded cylindrical shape more juicy and sweet, than pointed.

Usefulness of this fruit - vegetable is so big for people that in gratitude holidays arrange to it. Last year the festival of carrot took place in Canada - in the Province of Ontario, in the city of Bradford. The Greatest Carrot Festival festival was called. In honor of carrot competitions and contests on the best dish from this of the useful and loved by all product were staged.

In Russia carrot is loved by many, and therefore decided not to lag behind Canadians and to organize the festivals in honor of useful products. In 2012 the holiday in the city of Dmitrov of the Moscow region devoted to Dmitrovsky Carrot was spent. Songs, chastushkas, dances, competitions at this festival brought together all fans wonderful and useful... well, generally, carrots.