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How to live 10 more years? Check your chances!

Elderly people are more senior 75 - ti, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, the next decade with the same probability, as those who are ten years younger than them will be able to live, but are subject to influence of addictions. Such is the main conclusion of research of the Swiss physicians.

the technique Offered by researchers allows to calculate chances of a survival in the next ten years, leaning on such factors as smoking, alcohol intake, physical exercises and existence in a diet of fruit.

Studying more than 16000 people showed that chances survival men more senior make 75 years only 35% for those who regularly take alcohol, leads an inactive life and eats fruit a little.

On other pole their peers who refused alcohol completely or using it it is moderate, at the same time enough fruit which are regularly engaged in physical exercises and not forgetting to include in the menu. They will live the next decade with probability of 67%. The same probability of a survival and at people, is 10 years younger with various way of life.

Chances of a survival 75 - summer women with a healthy lifestyle are even higher, 74%. It is not much lower than a similar indicator of “younger group“ whose representatives do not adhere to sensible recommendations.

65 - the summer women leading a healthy lifestyle most likely will live ten more years, the probability of what makes 90% against 77% at lovers “not to refuse anything to itself“. Chances of a survival of their age-mates of men fluctuate from 67% to 86%.

Research showed that the way of life exerts insignificant impact on mortality of aged people of 45 - 55 years, but has crucial importance for those who stepped 65 - a summer boundary.

By results of the work researchers from Institute of social and preventive medicine of University of Zurich developed the calculator. With its help men and women at the age of 65 - 75 years can estimate the chances to live decade taking into account change of four factors: smoking, physical exercises, alcohol intake and fruit.

Most smoking reduces chances of a survival. Tobacco increases risk of premature death by 57%. Each of three remained influence factors - alcohol, a diet and physical activity - changes probability of a survival within 15%.

It is proved that the high level of the use of alcoholic drinks by men of age of 65 - 75 years is directly connected with reduction of chances of a survival regardless of other factors. In the female environment the same tendency is generally looked through, but there is an exception. To the smoking ladies is more senior 75 - ti with the low level of activity and consumption of fruit commitment to alcohol increases chances of a survival a little.

Estimating alcohol influence, scientists considered the level of its consumption as high if women drank daily not less than two conditional doses (about 175 ml of wine), and men - not less than four (about a liter of light beer).

In general, at people with addictions of chances to die in the next 10 years 2,5 times bigger, than at those who watch over the health.

Long years of life and good health!