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Whether it is possible to live life without sufferings?

What you see the ideal course of life? What would you want to have already tomorrow, in a month, in a year? What ideally you want to be engaged in 5 years in? Who is nearby? What surrounds you? How do you feel in 10 years? What do you do? What do you have? And when you will die and how?.

If you in detail describe the ideal life, then will find in it love, freedom, wellbeing, prosperity. It is life without problems. In it there is no pain, loss, an illness, disappointments, people whom you do not love … of

the Ideal course of life is a way without sufferings.

And you saw or know such person who lived the life without sufferings? Such person does not exist because it is impossible to live happily the life and to avoid sufferings, using others experience. Parents and other senior relatives are mistaken in this respect, trying to forbid children to do what, in their opinion, will make them unfortunate. Waste energy on broadcast of the experience, causing thereby resistance and alienation in the children. It is impossible to learn to live on strangers mistakes.

Therefore it is impossible to live life without sufferings. Through sufferings of people learns to live happily. Tell both ancient myths, and magic fairy tales when in life of the main characters there is something that causes suffering about it, then, overcoming the arising obstacles, they find such spiritual qualities which make them happy.

Buddha passed on to the world the spiritual experience which expressed in so-called four noble truth:

1) there is a suffering;
2) at suffering is the reason;
3) suffering can be stopped;
4) is known the way conducting to it.

The first truth about existence of suffering says that it is tested surely by any living being, and nobody can avoid suffering.

The second truth speaks about the suffering reason when it changeable material benefits and cultural wealth of people wishes to see constant and suffers at any their change.

The truth about the termination of suffering claims that any suffering can be stopped, if at all to refuse any desires and to anything not to become attached any more.

And the way to the termination of sufferings consists in use of eight principles:

1) release from delusions (negative thinking);

2) correct reasonable thinking (positive thinking);

3) kindness, openness, honesty (the cultural wealth which is shown in traits of character);

4) peaceful, honest actions (responsible behavior);

5) the correct way of life which is not bringing damage to and to people around (responsible behavior, observance of the rights);

6) self-education and self-checking (reflection, introspection);

7) attention, active, vigilant mind (free attention for sensibleness and an inclusiveness at the moment, the principle “here and now“);

8) concentration through deep meditation on original essence of the world (establishment of communication with the Highest force).

In brackets I wrote modern terminology which is used in the description of mental health of the person.

Today the medicine which is engaged in body diseases, the psychotherapy urged to treat soul, and the spiritual directions strengthening spirit of the person relies on this philosophy of the Buddhism.

I also suggest to use this ancient truth and the principles as they are effective also today if to follow them.

So, follows from the second truth of philosophy of Buddha that before going to the happiness, it is necessary to find the reason of sufferings.