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To love! What can be simpler?

“Love! It is the most sublime and victorious of all passions! But its vsepokoryayushchy force consists in boundless generosity, in almost supersensual unselfishness“. G. Heine. The love subject was a subject of discussion at all times. In the world there is no person who would not look for the answer to a question “What is love?!“ Wikipedia determines by

this concept as feeling of deep attachment of one person to another … Then from where expressions about nostalgia on the Homeland, love to red color, raspberry jam, toffees, soap operas and bars of “Baunti“? Whether it is worth stirring everything in one heap?

It is possible to argue infinitely long from where statements about love who thought up originate to distinguish love and an inclination, love and dependence, called love sick, fatal, strange. But the fact remains: one and all living on the earth, irrespective of internal and external qualities - from the multibillionaire to dying starvation, from the murderer to the monk, from the person to an animal, dream to feel its magic power on themselves. To love and be darling - the most important desire of all living beings on the planet! What the magic power of love consists in?

Let`s look at the person in love, for a minute we will close eyes and we will try to remember, plunge into the atmosphere of absolute love. What you feel? Around harmonious aura, the person in love it is similar to the dismissed bud, it gets prettier in the eyes, goes down the street - and over the head its nimbus of solar energy, moreover, all people see a luminescence over his head! What does he smile to? So the lover is positive, open, seeks to help all and everyone that it is transferred to people around subconsciously at distance of a look, gesture. Mind of the happy person is occupied only fine, it is simply impossible to show any negative emotions in such state! From where to them to undertake …?! Any problem is perceived as a real trifle at which it is possible to laugh. What can be finer than a similar state?

The love is a special aura, the atmosphere sublime, the vibration of space giving unearthly euphoria when the movements turn into flight, words - in tenderness, a look - in heavenly I will drag. As the magnet attracts positive circumstances and events of life. It seems that everything occurs on wave of a magic wand! Also it turns out to adore not only a subject of passion, but also all mankind and the surrounding nature.

The huge force of the positive, inducing energy of love forces us to get up in the morning. Desire to receive love of children, the loved one, colleagues, friends. Every day we hope that today there will be something good, what will increase to us love and will add recognition.

Look back in the environment, ask people about mood and undoubtedly you distinguish in them love! Their story will be followed by a smile irrespective of, they lost a purse or to them in the subway presented a rose. Now we will mentally present dialogue with those who consider the life as a gloomy nightmare, sure that it is created not for love, and for the solution of household problems. The same events will be told already in a different way - with the eyes sparkling for rage, with a message of a negative both to the robber, and to presented flowers (probably, his girl did not keep the appointment, there is no place to put money, or perhaps they from a cemetery, better money would give).

Actually it is easy to receive love! For this purpose rather small event for which the world will be grateful to us. It is so simple to feed birds, the lonely bum at metro station, to buy the children`s book to the child from a dysfunctional family, to help the colleague, to present a little attention and to listen to the unfamiliar old woman.

What happens in such cases? Our heart exults for pleasure, it turns out that we live not for nothing, during this instant there is somewhere a person who thinks of us and smiles. Even if we made it for awareness of own importance, so with pleasure know that became someone`s hero! Unfortunately, in vital haste people forget about such trifles which could make them a little happier, preferring to complain that nobody loves them and they are necessary to nobody. To be necessary and is important our choice which at desire can be satisfied, being all alone at any time and in every spot on the globe.

Unfortunately, the world is represented to most of people hostile space where daily there is a fight for a survival. The meaning of life is reduced to painful rivalry at office, on a staircase, between friends, close people. People buy things and make actions which are not necessary to them and do not bring emotional lift to make impression on people who do not care about them because everyone is engaged in the fact that he protects an own wound, the space, the imitation of vital abundance.

All our emotions have effect of a boomerang: if you shouted on house in the morning, the whole day will pursue feeling that around enemies, someone will shout in a minibus, then will get nasty in turn, will push in crowd.

And now a situation when in the morning, still feeling heat of a kiss of darling, you leave the house …. Surely there will be the one who will smile, will hold a door, will pay attention that you dropped a glove. Under equal circumstances energy of love or dislike creates our mood and forms events in life.

The love is in everyone, any if wishes, can have this fantastic feeling! The big bank account whether it is not important to eat, how old are you, a family is not necessary, darling or not also nothing is absolute anybody! To love give heat, to rejoice to singing of birds and blossoming of the nature, be touched to children and lovers, to help old men and to those who need one big heart suffices! Everything in this world is interconnected. To replace the installation “it does not concern me“ on “and suddenly tomorrow it with me - and will be nobody near!“ everyone can!

If today the indifference comes back to the house a boomerang in the form of disorder and discontent, then in your forces to make already now so that other energy, the atmosphere of happiness, harmony, mutual assistance, love from those from whom did not wait came to life absolutely!

The love is unconditional, it does not belong to a certain man or the woman, and is presented by the highest forces to all mankind and at the correct distribution is capable to make happy millions.

Heartily I wish all Love!