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What has to be a food allowance in the spring?

Well, misters. Here also the winter ended, it is time to prepare for summer, for fascinating travel and rough adventures. By itself, and by the beach period. Many people think during the spring period of a diet of the food. What is to throw off superfluous couple of kilograms? What is to feel more vigorously and more vigorously?

For many of us not a secret that in the spring we receive the first gifts by nature. But, alas, presently very few people from people think of need to cardinally switch the diet with winter (proteins and fats) on spring (carbohydrates, food of a phytogenesis).

During the spring period at many people astenisation - increased fatigue, nervous irritation, shortage of forces etc. is shown by . The inactive way of life and absence in an organism of vitamins, minerals and minerals are two main reasons of it. And the first what it is necessary to begin with, this our food.

It is rational to reduce quantity of very high-calorie food in the spring and to replace it vegetable. It will help to fill a lack of vitamins and minerals, to improve the general health, to be exempted from slags and toxins and to grow thin considerably by a beach season.

First of all it is necessary to take care of that on our table vegetables, fruit and greens daily flaunted. Forget about cooking of ten liter pans “for later“. It is extremely harmful to an organism. Listen to the body, every day ask yourself a question what you would like to eat? The organism itself will prompt. But do not indulge such weaknesses as instant food, sweets and especially alcohol. Spring - time for clarification of an organism. Begin to drink ordinary water. As woke up, before each use write and before going to bed. It has to be for you “law“.

As for cooking, all vegetables should be steamed or used fresh. Fresh vegetables and fruit give to an organism the maximum quantity of energy, normalize digestion, bring all slags and toxins out of an organism.

Fill salads with olive oil, whenever possible as much as possible limit or completely exclude animal fats, fried, smoked and tinned products. Increase the content of whole grain in a diet, daily use a handful of nuts. Add bran which can be bought in a drugstore to all dishes. It will help to fill a lack of vitamins of group B and will clear an organism of slags and toxins.

Seafood, beans, spinach raise the general tone of an organism and saturate it with magnesium which is especially necessary for good health, a sound and healthy sleep, work of intestines and heart. Do not forget that completely it is impossible to exclude products of an animal origin from a food allowance. Daily use about 150 g of red or light meat. Two times a week include fish of fat grades in a diet.

As for the use of food in time, I advise you to do as follows:

- Porridge, cottage cheese, muesli or corn flakes will be the best breakfast during the spring period. The health throughout the day depends on a breakfast, namely these products are rich with those components which maintain normal working capacity and improve work of a brain.

- The lunch has to include vegetable soup, low-fat boiled meat (veal, beef, chicken), the vegetable greens and vegetable oil salad baked or stewed second course.

- A dinner - the easiest: fruit or vegetable salad, low-fat yogurt or kefir, juice.

I will remind - do not forget about physical exercises. They help to normalize digestive process, and we have an appetite. Morning exercises (it is desirable with run), healthy nutrition for all day, good walk in the fresh air will always help you to feel young, vigorous and beautiful in the evening. Take care also the health. We are what we eat.