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alleged replacement for subspecies the Mouse of

Tanechka lived in the small apartment with the mother - the accountant on the suburb of the town.

In the small apartment Tanechka had a warm small room. At them with mother it was poor, but it is pure. Svetocca very much loved an order, and especially grandmother`s porcelain statuetochka. And all the children`s forces increased greatly a collection.

Saved money and bought one more glass animal. She shifted them from a shelf to a shelf and rejoiced to the small happiness.

That Tanya - so did not love it school.

It had a diathesis, a triangular face, small legs and handles. Nobody was on friendly terms with it. All despised it because it is tikhonky. It was interrupted from the three on the three and was silent... Da Svetocca also did not seek to be on friendly terms with anybody - empty, silly they. She from the very beginning felt is much more senior and it is cleverer than them. Because she understood for a long time how it is necessary to live if you are a little man.

... Why there is so much time to spend for studying of sciences, Tanya did not understand. Looking at mother who worked all day long, she learned to live.

Kopeks for acquisition porcelain statuetochek were necessary.

In collection point for waste paper, in the neighbourhood with their house, old newspapers exchanged for coupons for acquisition of scarce books... Like “Three musketeers“ and “20 years later“.

And deficiency is money... Tanechka collected waste paper both at herself and at neighbors, quietly carried it on collection point and saved a money.

But the speed of collecting waste paper, and respectively and books, gradually began not suit it. Books appeared much quicker, than Tannins small legs ran in search of old magazines.

Tanusha began to be tired.

One evening, looking at a porcelain balerinka, she decided that it needs draft force. Also it is desirable free of charge. In the world at people such free help is called “Friend“. Tanechke is necessary the friend - and she will get him.

Next day she fixedly inspected the companions on a class. Boys did not even greet it - did not notice, and there were nothing to attract them. Girls all were sorted on girlfriends and on small groups. And here her look fell to a lonely tostukha Natasha who only this year came to them to a class. It wildly stood at a green colored wall of a school corridor... Too nobody talked to it.

Strong legs and Natasha`s handles delighted Tanechka.

Business was for small, right there invited her home. Bank of condensed milk, laid up for such a case, it was pleasant to Natasha. The friend was bought.

Since then Tanya trebled the speed of acquisition of coupons on books. Natasha cheerfully dragged for Tanyushka bales with old newspapers... They together bypassed the house behind the house, ringing all doors. People (then they still opened doors on a call) generously gave the second-hand articles to cheerful pioneers - girlfriends. When the catch was small, it was necessary to clean boxes with fresh newspapers. Badly, of course, but from the people will not decrease, all the same newspapers will become old already tomorrow.

Tanyul once in passion was forgotten by care and, without coming home, on Natasha dragged away piles of newspapers in collection point for salvage. Unfortunately Natasha was not so stupid, predictably, and too wanted to acquire to herself the book. Very much Svetocca was upset.

Same there was its find, its subject.

And here it turned out that it was necessary to share. The friend became a podelshchik, and it is excess freight - Svetocca understood.

Whether it is necessary to say that Natasha did not receive the can of condensed milk any more, and the friendship came to naught.

The friend Natasha was urgently replaced by the friend Lena with parents alcoholics and not loving book.

Life did not throw up Tanechke of gifts at all.

Mother her second time married eternally shouting fat short-legged meat cutter.

It is clear, that there was no place left for Tanya in their small apartment any more. It was necessary to move together with statuetochka to a grandmother`s communal flat.

All drive a little little mouse because he is weak. But Tanechka was able to wait and observe. When to it 28 years knocked, her young husband left to the manicurist, having left it the sonny with a small sharp face.

Tanya did not cry. She understood that fat short-legged uncles exist only then to drive it and to select what has to belong to it. She got used to injustice.

One night, sitting about a bed of the little son, she thought up the plan. It contradicted the law a little and therefore for its implementation it needed the Friend again.

It found it in a passport office. The fat aunt with unsightly appearance was pleasant to Tana at once. She in general loved fat people.

Whether because they ate much - and, so was what is.

Whether because they were not afraid to Tanechk - the little man. Did not take it seriously. That very much arranged it.

The aunt had to replace a card with a registration of the old Taniny grandma - neigbours with other surname. It was so simple to buy the apartment then. One was written out, another registered. And only. At first the passport officer long refused. Jurisdictional businessman. For term pulls.

But the fragile girl Tanya assured that the grandma at deaths door, there are no relatives. Looks after the grandma herself. Nobody learns who and when was registered there. Honest transparent eyes of defenseless Tanya and 300 rubles promised to the passport officer made the business.

Good acquisition the Friend - Tanechka once again assured herself.

It was necessary to find the buyer whose name will be entered in a magic card.

In the autumn morning Tatyana gathered and moved to the Lion`s bridge. There room speculators of all colors gathered, there it was possible to remove and lease the apartment, to buy the room, to register in Leningrad etc.

It found two black brokers quickly - it were Gena and Valek, famous on all city, weighing 120 kilograms everyone... Both went by chocolate shesterka Zhiguli and were dressed in a fashionable import dzhinsa.

Little Tanechka told that she has a grandmother`s apartment and she would like to sell it whether can help it robyatka. Robyatki rummaged in the Talmuds and found the old prosthetist who just and wanted for 3 thousand US dollars (mad denzhishch for 1988) to buy the apartment for the curly sonny with the young daughter-in-law. Settled.

Things are easy. The grandma did not want to die.

Waited month. Protezistova the daughter-in-law on snosyakh. Gena and Valek became nervous, they have a word - flint. The transaction fell.

The little LITTLE MOUSE could not go to it in any way. So many forces are put... Such difficult life. To someone for nothing everything, and to someone it is necessary to try so. Well, there`s nothing to be done, Tanyushka solved.

All one - the grandma will die. It is necessary to help. Times - that were deafs, poor. Here the driver Alik with the office truck for transportation of furniture just also turned up.

And one fine day Alik took out a corpse of the granny together with her old furniture in the unknown direction. Alik received the 500, Valek and Genik broker 1000, the passport officer to the 300 went to Socha... And Tanechka - remained 1200.

And everything is fine - quietly, in the best mouse traditions. At night.

At first Tanya was nervous. Even it was somehow feel ill at ease.

There passed 3 months, nobody looks for anybody, silence in a hen house.

The owner - then at the country, consider, and was not. Everyone for. Grandmothers yes drunks then strongly suffered from brokers of all colors.

Money quickly came to an end at all participants of artel, decided to repeat...

The passport officer especially did not ask from where there are so much grandmothers and where they disappear.

Valek and Genik only delivered clients as hot pies.

One Alik was a splinter. But Tanya and here calculated everything. On all indicators - put it the party. Besides - everything was done by Alik.

Tanechka turned all this simple combination still whether 8, whether 9 times.

Healed beautifully, with car, a small sobachenka and the videorecorder. There was also a new husband together with prosperity at once. However, did not work - and whether it was necessary?

But there is no justice in life. The fate of little mice does not love.

On the ninth granny Alik kicked up and wanted not 500, but one thousand, probably friends told about the Criminal Code.

Tanusha even choked with such impudence. Did not give money. And stupid Alik then took and brought the murdered old woman back to the apartment. For the 5th day the smell went.

Someone from neighbors remembered greedy stupid Alik`s car. Well, here all was also untwisted.

Gena and Valek only in lethal department on interrogation learned about all beauty of the Taniny scheme... Da, that Gena and Valek! Investigators, worldly-wise, and those to the last could not believe that little fragile Tanechka - a little mouse with diathesis and a small doggie is at the head of all this fine company.


Here so you fight - you fight for life - and on you.

9 years of imprisonment.

There is no happiness on the earth...

It is difficult to live to a little little mouse on light.

The evil destiny at the latest moment when happiness seems so close, always takes away from it the piece which is due to it …