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About what Halmer - Yu is silent?

Halmer - Yu are the river in the valley of the dead. In translation from Nenets in which Hal - the valley, died - death, yu - the river. Once this place was sacred for the small northern people. Exactly here, to the valley of the river Halmer - Yu, Nenets brought to bury the dead.

Then called by this name the small miner`s settlement of the Pechora coal basin which industrial development began on October 4, 1932. This day the mine No. 1/2 which later got serial number “8“ earned. The first coal mine of the pool near which on the right inflow Moustaches the city which received the same name, as the river on which he got up - Vorkuta grew over time.

But … Even ugly ducklings turn into white swans not at once. And in order that Vorkuta became the city, time was required too. Though the special resolution “About Construction It Is Northern - the Pechora Railway Line and Development of Production of Vorkutinsko - the Pechora Coals“ was accepted the Central Committee of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) and SNK USSR on May 10, 1940, the war which began in a year gave to development of the coal basin a powerful impulse.

The enemy came. In the fall of 1941 - go Donbass appeared in hands at Germans.

And war industry shouted in a voice: “Steel … Steel. Steel!“ But in order that to melt it, coal was required for metallurgical production. And not idle time. Coked.

The field of it, coal of brand “K“, very valuable to coke-chemical production, in 1942 was open near the river Halmer - Yu geological party under the leadership of G. Ivanov. But “to open“ and “master“ - concepts different in essence. Before coal goes “on the mountain“, it is necessary not only mine to construct, but also housing for future miners. To stretch a power line, to establish relation. To construct the railroad. Well, at least, at least, to Vorkuta. Which almost on 80 km to the south Halmer - Yu. A eight tens kilometers yes on the naked tundra, in the conditions of permafrost and average annual subzero temperatures … Not simple this business.

Therefore the mine in Halmer - Yu is put into operation in 1957. And during war supply of metallurgists of Cherepovets coked, and residents of besieged Leningrad - fuel coal laid down on shoulders of Vorkuta which in 1943 became the city. In what, however, there is nothing surprising. One prisoners in camps of Vorkutalaga on 01. 01. 43 years were 27,7 thousand people. And if here to add those who protected them civilian experts and workers, convicts whose terms of punishment already expired, but who just had no place to go to a wartime, then it becomes clear that the city already grew by this time from short settlement panties.

And Halmer - Yu gave “on the mountain“ the first 250 tons of daily extraction of the best in the world coked coal in 12 years after war. And business went. In 1959 in the settlement there lived already 7,1 thousand people. Children of miners went to two kindergarten. Except usual school in the settlement was also musical. The recreation center. Bread of inhabitants Halmer - Yu the settlement bakery, with meat - subsidiary farm of mine provided.

20 km - the extent of streets of this settlement was such. About which at once and not to tell - whether the small town, whether the large settlement. When in the long polar winter of Halmer Street - Yu swept up snow the next blizzard, homeworks dictated to school students on local radio. And life did not stop.

People not only worked. They to something rejoiced, something were upset, fell in love, quarreled … Lived. Also hoped that it will be easier for their children to live, than of

But to all these hopes the end at the beginning of 90 - x when the country began transition to market economy came. In these conditions it turned out that coal mining on Halmer - Yu is unprofitable. Yes, coal good, qualitative. Very good! But what price of its production? Nothing grows in Bolshezemelskaya Tundra. Potato and that - Yu should be brought to Halmer. And the salary of the halmeryyusky miner taking into account all northern extra charges is almost twice higher, than at his Kuzbass colleague …

I on December 25, 1993 the Government of the Russian Federation the special resolution No. 1351 “About liquidation of mine Halmer - Yu“ was accepted. This document provided payment to residents of the settlement of special compensation on acquisition of housing in the new place and guaranteed reimbursement for journey to it and container transportation of things. But inflation by the greedy and ruthless language quickly pinched all these guarantees and compensations. The money given to miners often was not enough even for the drive to new places promised, not to mention acquisition though any housing there. The compensation rubles which are quickly losing flesh, as a rule, were eaten. Or were spent on drink. And the people remained on the place.

In 1994 in the settlement still there were slightly more than 4 thousand people. In the winter of the house in Halmer - Yu disconnected from heat, and closed a boiler room. But the people persistently sat on the apartments, were heated by self-made “potbelly stoves“ and were not going to be removed from familiar spots. Especially as to act - that … There was no place.

Finally people from Halmer - Yu were moved in October, 1995 - go. OMON. Beat out doors and “packed“ the people into the train to Vorkuta. The most northern station of the Northern railroad was so closed. And rails of this branch, Vorkuta - Halmer - Yu, were slowly taken away some more years on scrap metal. So if today someone suddenly will want to get to the abandoned miner`s settlement, just on cross ties. And - with big caution.

The settlement - that there are no already nearly 20 years as. But instead of it the proving ground “Pemba“ appeared. So the mountain is called that costs near the settlement. Geological nature sanctuary, 421 meter high. But at mountains to shoot somehow it is uninteresting. And here on what lodge … Where as it is more pleasant. It is just necessary to call this lodge for cleaning of conscience “the conditional purpose“. For example, “aloone the standing Recreation center“. On it on August 17, 2005 from the strategic Tu bomber - 160 “Pavel Taran“ onboard whom there was our second President were made launch of three rockets of the class “air-the earth“. Two of them hit the mark …

in century before last Anton Pavlovich Chekhov honestly admitted, as to it personally, and it is necessary for all his contemporaries daily “on a drop to squeeze out from itself the slave“.

“We - not slaves, slaves - not we“. Everyone, passed through the Soviet school, already from initial classes, firmly acquired this axiom. But if we are not slaves from where in us it: “to break - not to build, the soul does not hurt“. From where?!

Perhaps from those black zekovsky quilted jackets in which in the second third of the last century the considerable part of the country forcedly put on and through which, directly or indirectly, there passed the whole generation. And not only in Vorkuta, Inte or Halmer - Yu.

And what? Genetic memory of this generation so strong ate in us what sits still? But then that country in which we live, for us - not a home. Prison. And yes sense to equip it is not present. Let out on the fact that someone`s fathers and grandfathers built, pair of rockets and … The soul does not hurt!

But then hope that our children will live better us - illusion. That it became reality, it is necessary to change psychology. Psychology of all. From the ordinary citizen to the President. And the quicker, the better. But how to make it? What to begin with?

Halmer - Yu is silent. Does not give answers to these questions. Also it turns out that it is necessary to answer them to each of us. Most. Without what hints from a back school desk …