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Why it is necessary to participate in a festival or what is “MMK“ eyes of the eyewitness?

You are young? It is full of energy? As to nobody else the kitchen of journalism is familiar to you? Then it is necessary for you on “MMK“!!!

What is “MMK“? MMK is a place of young creative producers. MMK is a place of young talents. MMK is the sea of creativity, a positive and the youth drive.

And if it is serious, MMK is an open festival of young journalists and animators “Multi - Media - the Quest“ which annually takes place in Novosibirsk. This year the festival celebrates small anniversary - five years.

The organizer is the Novosibirsk City Public Organization “SCHOOL of GROWTH“. My questions of the organization of a festival and not only were answered by the head of a festival Anjelica Sergeyevna Zasyadko.

- How there was an idea to organize a festival?

- We went on profile meetings and festivals much. And children asked me the same question: “And whether we can carry out similar at ourselves?“. In 2010 we decided that that time when we can organize the summer festival came. In November, 2009 - go we brought the program of MMK to Kochenyovo, and in January, 2010 - go tried it in Iskitim. Having looked as colleagues in Pushkin work, we organized the festival for four days.

- This year you protected a grant on holding a festival. Tell about it?

- Several years in a row Novosibirsk city public organization “School of Growth“ submits the project of a festival on a competition socially - the significant projects “Parade of Ideas“ which in Novosibirsk carries out committee on affairs of youth of the city hall of Novosibirsk and the city youth center “Pioner“. We win small grants which help to organize better a festival, to provide with the places of residence of nonresident experts and curators. This year, thanks to “Parade of ideas“ we still will issue the almanac about five-year history of the Multi - Media - the Quest festival.

- Every year the festival is devoted to any social problem. This year “Interethnic and cross-cultural interaction and illumination of the matters in mass media“ became the main subject of “MMK“. And it is not casual, correct?

- the problem of the interethnic relations, friendship of the people, eradications of racial and national discrimination is particularly acute Presently. One of methods of a solution is promotion of positive experience of interaction in mass media. Our target audience is the youth as this social group is most susceptible to changes in society. Besides, depends on what will be youth what will become the country in the future.

In the international ethical code of journalists it is stated that “the journalist has to promote elimination of lack of information and misunderstanding which develops in the relations between the people, awakening in compatriots a susceptibility to needs and desires of the people of other countries, to provide respect of the rights and advantages of all nations, the people and all people“.

These tasks were also put before itself by the organizing committee of the fifth festival. For their decision experts and participants from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan etc. of

were invited to a festival - a festival develops and improved Every year, has unique “highlight“. Perhaps, this year rewarding of winners of a festival became such “highlight“. Tell, please, how you could distinguish them from other participants of a festival?

- On active work at a festival and according to the recommendation of advisory council which list we always expose on the festival blog: blogspot. com/.

- In 2014 the festival celebrates the first anniversary - the fifth anniversary. And it only beginning, isn`t it? Tell about plans for the future?

- the Fifth festival did not end yet. On July 1 the competition a post - materials started. Participants can write good stuff on a subject which was lifted by a festival, already on places. At first they publish them in the mass media, and then send us these works to a competition. Deadline: September 1, 2014. Authors of three best works will also be awarded by globes and diplomas of winners. So dare! And in 2015 there will be MMK again, come! We already thought up a subject, but we will not tell yet.

You still doubt to participate in a festival or not? Look for five reasons not to participate? And I found five reasons that you surely arrived to “MMK“.

So, we will begin. Perhaps, the meeting of guests can become the first reason for indispensable participation. It is worth noticing that not at each festival you will be met at the train car, will help to inform of your bags, and also will occupy in cozy hostel at the expense of organizers of a festival. In hostel you can feel at home! Here you will be treated with tasty tea, will provide the laptop and access to the wireless Internet that for the modern person much important. Also I want to notice that for participation you have to bring the minimum admission fee in festivals, the sum just symbolical.

We continue. In the first day of a festival you visit the master - a class at real masters of the business. The main thing - to choose one of the directions in which you will create during a festival. You can try in the following spheres of journalism: press (newspaper), television, radio, PR, Internet, photo and animation. And in the evening for all nonresident participants I will conduct an interesting and informative sightseeing tour to Novosibirsk. Perhaps, you learn the city absolutely on the other hand.

The festival takes place at the end of June and coincides with celebration of the City Day. So at you to appear a unique opportunity to visit this grandiose holiday and to see Novosibirsk in all its paints. Besides! If you love passion, game and entertainment, then organizers of a festival will not allow you to start missing and will offer a fascinating quest on platforms of the city. Your task is to pass all 7 stations and it is creative and unusual to perform tasks. On performance of tasks you are given only several minutes. The quest is an opportunity to show the sharpness, to include the imagination. After overcoming of all stations you by all means will have a sea of positive emotions for all day.

The third day of a festival is a day of creativity and a hard work, exchange of experience. This day you can show all the talent, working on the material or a video topic. And you do not need to think, organizers of a festival already took care of it and provided to participants the excellent room for productive work. But all work needs to be handed over in time! So if you will not manage to make in the afternoon, then before you the whole night. At a festival sleepless working nights became already traditions.

But your efforts should noticed! All works of participants are considered by expert jury. They allocate the caused most a stir children and award them with valuable prizes! And also you can get good advice from experts!

Doubts aside! Collect the suitcases, and we wait for you on “Multi - the Media Quest“!