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From where dogkhanter undertake?

Again on forums and blogs the wave of discussion of stray dogs rushed. On the one hand, it is connected with the decision to destroy to the Olympic Games all living creatures in Sochi. On the other hand, cases when people seriously suffer from dogs, do not disappear anywhere, they are, and in different current - stage show sometimes absolutely scary injured people and even children.

To disability, to heavy mutilations, without the person... And happens, and to death bite to death.

One of the most standard reactions to these cases are statements of heroic machoes: but it is not necessary to be afraid of them, here I am not afraid of them, and they do not attack me. And I see how they write this comment, poigryvy the imagined muscles.

Well, in - the first, I poorly believe in telepathy at dogs and their ability to analyze a situation, rack run wild or at all the dogs who grew on the street in a condition of a techka hardly especially understands people.

But even not this main thing. Always interests me: and what, those who are afraid of dogs - their is possible to tear?

The old women, children, badly seeing people and just far from dog breeding - they are afraid of them. And I am afraid (I am just badly seeing old woman, far from dog breeding). There is a wish to understand: these people - what, it is possible to tear dogs? Like, are guilty - were afraid, here and... That`s right? Let tear?

It from where such humanity - that sprouted?

From where - that undertook the whole generation of people who answer the question “whom to rescue first of all, the dog or foreign child“ - of course, a dog, she the, and the child others. And shouts “for the dog I will kill anyone“ - enough... It is called humanity now.

Very worn out phrase - “is often heard the I learn people more, the more I love dogs“. From where such quantity thoroughly learned all prezrennost of mankind undertook?

And - again a platitude: “They are not guilty“. Yes of course, are not guilty. These are people them threw out (or perhaps and not their, and their grandmothers). Tell it to the girl who has them otgryzl the person. Life of the girl came to an end, without having begun. Though she did not throw out anybody anywhere. And we doggies burningly are sorry.

Well, separately it is a pity for each doggie, of course. But when they in number of 15-20 huge and aggressive on the waste ground - it is already not so a pity. Yes what there on the waste ground? Just in the city, in the square, at playgrounds... Read even the comment of alternatively gifted companion - a pier and what you on the waste ground popersya, are guilty. And I have under the house a square, in the square of a doggie. What it I there poperlas? Perhaps in general the house not to leave? I do not say that they at the nights for two hours heart-rendingly bark, all right, at me sound sleep. But happens, and it is necessary to come back in the evening.

They breed, of course, uncontrolledly, and their compassionate grandmothers and workers on buildings and parking feed. On each building and the parking - a heap of the lured and actively marrying doggies. They are such darlings! And, none of these fans never drive them in a vetklinik so lovely doggies are often covered with a scab and parasites, and it is good still if not mad, but for certain patients is universal. Excrement compassionate too, of course, does not clean after them.

I do not speak also about such trifles as at all the dirtied children`s sandboxes and just sidewalks. And children of losers (who did not have a mansion to the yard and an own playground) lovely play in sand where just waited a moment it is unknown than a sick doggie...

Well and, eventually, after the next loud case when lovely doggies, friends of the person, jammed or tore next most - guilty, in the cities dogkhanter appear .

Of course, the normal person will not go to it: to become voluntarily the executioner - it the special mental organization is necessary. And furthermore to remove it on video. It already to the doctor... And they apply methods disgusting and socially dangerous. That shooting that poison scattering - in the city are categorically inadmissible. But if the city authorities and the city halls were engaged in catching of vagrant small dogs , then and dogkhanter would not be. Also it is not necessary to tell that it is impossible that these to clean - new will run. In many countries the issue is resolved, and nobody runs. And there are no vagrant animals there just and if it is got - at once will clean in nursery, will cure and will attach. Well, just it should be done, that`s all, but not promises to distribute.

And, of course, at forums and in blogs discussion incessantly is humming - it even the name has (I ask to a parton) - “ psinosrach “. People are indignant with cruelty of dogkhanter and sincerely are surprised - from where such people undertake? Yes their it is necessary... (the description follows that exactly with them to do before which “The hammer of witches“ turns pale). The woman of average years and a sovok look somehow on the TV was indignant: “From where, well, from where such cruel men undertake? I alive would pour over them gasoline and burned down!“

There now you, the lady, also raise them! At them just the vector exchanged, and education most that.

And the majority for certain also devoutly believing, go to church, paint eggs, christen children. And their patron and the defender words of the classic told - cannot place all attachment in a dog. to People - that though should leave something. Perhaps then dogs will be thrown out less.