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Beautiful hair? Easily! National recipes of

Nothing so decorates the woman as magnificent hair. Each representative of “fair sex“ wants to be proud of them. But here only it not everyone has feeling. And it is not surprising. The whipped, fragile, dropping out hair - each woman at least once met such problems.

of the Reasons a set - stresses, diseases, low-quality cosmetics for hair. With fight for beautiful ringlets you can be helped by national recipes.

The best shampoo - sour milk. Women in Russia long since used this recipe. All fermented milk products - curdled milk, kefir, serum were used. They create a fatty film which protects hair from alkali and harmful components of shampoos. Having plentifully moistened hair with fermented milk product, it is necessary to wrap up the head a plastic bag, and from above - a terry towel. In 25-30 minutes to wash out shampoo, it is desirable for nurseries and to rinse the acidified water (1 tablespoon of vinegar on water liter).

Egg - the best means against injuries of hair. If your hair became dry and fragile, it is very useful to wash them with egg. It is rich with the lecithin and amino acids protecting hair from damages and dandruff. And now the recipe - egg (both a yolk, and egg white) to beat in a small amount of water. To wet, pour out hair on them egg mix and to wash (without soap and shampoos). Then to rinse - at first with warm water, then acidified.

A burdock - not a weed, and the doctor. It is one of the best growth factors of the hair known in traditional medicine. For washing of hair on 10-15 g of roots take a floor - liter of hot water. Insist. At first hair wash 2-3 times a week, then only 1 time.

A sage - an antidandruff preparation. Sage broth will help to get rid of this unpleasant illness. On 100 g of boiled water or alcohol take 5-10 g of dry leaves and flowers. They contain tannins and essential oils.

Growth of hair is helped by broth mother - and - stepmothers and nettles (50:50).

From a hair loss and against dandruff use juice of fresh cabbage which is rubbed in skin.

Juice of an aloe and the tincture from davleny leaves prepared for 40% alcohol disinfects, helps to get rid of dandruff and a hair loss.

The irreplaceable assistant in fight against dandruff - a calendula. 20 g of dry flowers on 100 g of 70% of alcohol. At fat dandruff skin the head is rubbed with pure infusion of a calendula or the castor oil of 1 - 2 time diluted 10% a day. At dry dandruff - calendula infusion with addition 35-50 - percentage castor oil.

Also nettle decoction and a forest geranium will help. That to prepare it, a floor - liter of water mix with the same amount of vinegar, put 100 g of small cut leaves and cook half an hour. Broth is rubbed in head skin.

For strengthening and growth of hair to take equally a plantain, a sage, a camomile, a nettle, a marjoram. To fill in a tablespoon of mix with a glass of boiled water, to insist hour. To filter. To add the softened myakushka of black bread. That gruel turned out. It is rubbed in head skin, wound with a towel or a kerchief, from above put on a film and held 2 hours. It is necessary to wash away warm water - without soap and shampoo.

Be beautiful and healthy!