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How the lost cats find a way home?

Victor Hugo witty noticed that God created a cat that the person had a tiger who can be stroked. And if this domestic tiger in one not finest day disappears from the house - the owner will be upset outright. How many disturbing minutes will be endured how many tears are shed …

It is probable, many heard or read tall tales about cats who find a way home, overcoming huge distances. They aspire home where they were loved, caressed and fed. There, at home, where it was warm, the cat was surrounded by dear people therefore draft at the cat who suddenly became to the homeless is so strong to get back to the habitual habitat. As cats are lost and come back?

History of the Thai cat of Semyon who was lost by owners in Moscow is very interesting and several years reached a home in Murmansk. And everything began very well. Semyon`s owners together with children prepared for holiday from northern regions on the South and decided to take with themselves the favourite having a tail that he gamboled on the warm sun. Holiday time past quickly, owners and children sunbathed, got stronger and looked remarkably. The cat spent time with advantage in laziness and luxury too.

On the way back to Murmansk on a family council it was decided to stop for day in Moscow to tinker the old car. When already left the capital, found out that Semyon disappeared. At what moment it occurred, did not notice. While adults were busy with repair of the car, the curious children stared on the parties. Possibly, the cat jumped out of the car imperceptibly, to him bothered to sit in salon when around how many noise and strangers. What to do? All family condoled, but decided not to come back to Moscow as the probability to find a cat in the multimillion city was equal to zero.

Having come back home, Semyon`s owners long felt emptiness without favourite animal and children began to ask parents to take a new cat in the house. Soon the new resident having a tail appeared in the house to everybody`s delight.

About Semyon began to forget slowly. But the cat could not forget “native Penates“ and moved from Moscow to Murmansk. Travel was very long for a little animal, it continued six and a half years! During this time the cat walked more than two thousand kilometers. As he managed to avoid many dangers on such long travel, than ate, remained a riddle.

Once the head of the family found a lean and dirty being who desperately mewed about a door, trying to enter the house. As soon as it managed it, “the great traveler“ Semyon quickly ran on kitchen to a familiar bowl with food. After a nourishing lunch he jumped on the TV - its favourite vacation spot. Nothing changed in habits of a kisarik for years of absence. Based on this history the movie “Love story“ was shot.

In the USA such history happened. The mistress of a cat Tomasa was a big lover to travel around the country. Somehow it prepared for several days for travel on the mountainous area and decided to take in Thomas`s partners as at that time it there was nobody to leave. Kotofeich traveled a little and ran away on the next parking. The hostess complained about herself, but continued the trip. It turned out that Thomas decided to come back home independently from travel. Return took about seven months. During this time the cat passed about five hundred kilometers both whole and safe came back home on pleasure to the hostess.

Why some cats come back home, and the most part of lost disappears forever? The zoologist F. G. Frik became interested in one of the first in this problem. One case which occurred at the beginning of 20 - x years of last century was the cause. It left on an open-air and took with itself(himself) a cat, having put her in a bag. During walk she jumped out from there and escaped. It was approximately in 8 kilometers from the house. Fortunately, in the evening the murka came back home whole and safe. The scientist decided to make a series of scientific experiments with a cat. It took out it to the different places located from the house at distance of 2-5 kilometers. The clever animal always found a way home.

After F. G. Frik home many other researchers began to deal with a problem of return of cats. Some experiments differed in special cruelty. For example, to cats drugs stuck and took away far from the house. However and under such circumstances some animals came back home.

A few years ago one German etolog made curious experiment. It collected at koshkovladelets of their pets, put each cat in a separate box and long carried them along a difficult twisting route. Then it brought cats in the field where the labyrinth closed from above with a set of exits was constructed. It was supposed that thus cats will not be able to be guided by the sun or on stars. During experiment it turned out that the majority koshasty chose that exit which was directed towards their house.

Results of experiment were reported at the international ethological conference. However most of scientists were skeptical about this message. It was difficult to believe that when cats were carried along the confused route, they “remembered“ a way of a van with all turns, and then “restored“ a route upside-down.

The American zoologists repeated experiment of the German colleague with only that difference that during travel of a cat received sleeping pill and slept as the killed. After awakening all of them successfully went on houses.

Since then many different experiments with cats were made, and all of them showed that ours usato - favourites having a tail are very sensitive to a magnetic field of Earth. Such feature helps cats to find a way home. To check this hypothesis, scientists attached a strong magnet to a body of a cat. It turned out that in this case they completely lost ability to define the correct way.

A large number of experiments allowed to make several hypotheses why some murka are capable to find a way home. However still we cannot answer this question with confidence. Cats - mysterious creations. The science should make a lot more discoveries about cats who are companions of the person throughout many centuries.