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From where homebrew conspiracy theorists undertake? A session with revelations of

... To me on RuNet open spaces the character who violently claimed that after 40 years all have hemorrhoids somehow met. And who says that he is not present, - he lies. It was so easier for it to live, with his hemorrhoids. But also, nobody even undertook to dissuade him - well agree, it would be somehow silly to shout at all forum “and I have no hemorrhoids“. if does not believe

A... to show a toilet bowl? Therefore nobody argued why it took roots in the consolatory belief even stronger...

Our people, how long the classic noticed, adore “revelations“. Take any two old women in policlinic or dedulek in the yard for dominoes, to a razgovorita - and they to you will expose both State Department, and democrats, and NASA, and pharmaceutical companies, and will call all by name. And if to plunge into forums (though on stories though on treatment of dogs though on feeding by a breast though on any other subject) - from revelations just there is no place to disappear. Expose even that Earth spherical, it, appears at us flat, we deliberately are made a fool centuries by a world zakulisa.

It is, probably, some sociological phenomenon - (1) belief that there is the world plot, and (2) confidence that this Pafnutyich or Zakharovna exposed it. Well, or there young Death Knight... Probably, it is pleasant to think: the whole world they deceived, but me - that is not present!! You will not deceive the Soviet person! However, yesterday on a box it is simple - begged people not to give the pension savings to unknown people who approach with the offer “give pension, and we to you stomillion money in exchange“. And how many people give huge thousands for worthless “medicine for everything“?

Here they do not expose. Trust.

But the American intrigues and plots - about! they will be exposed by any pensioner on a shop from dominoes! And especially that who was just inflated by the next organizers of a pyramid...

And in general - to argue with homebrew poskonny conspiracy theorists who claim that all under control of masons / zakulisa / State Departments / Jews / Martians - is useless. They will indulgently grin - villains of all deceived, but - did not deceive me, I - understood everything - everything, and you are naive. What there can be discussions here if they have this hypothesis - unfalsifiable how those hemorrhoids? Because if there are no proofs of influence of masons - means, they oooochen well hid them...

It not only policy concerns, just the politician - the most striking example when the ordinary inhabitant considers that he guessed, and here world-class experts who are engaged many years in it and knew inside out in studying of thin political intrigues, - did not guess. But it is quite actual also in questions household. For example, fully grown wise who declares:

- All husbands change! In total! (Also try to object that not all - you will be awarded with an indulgent look). Usually in this statement the deceived wives are zealous. It is so easier to suffer neglect of the apostate. And it is easier for to run on the left so too.

- All steal! (Option: do not steal those who have nothing to steal). And who does not steal - well, it just did not catch it. Naturally, it is approved by silent thieves and pilferers. It is so more pleasant to consider himself as the honest person.

... I think, everyone can remember some more such statements. From the most different areas of life. The general at them one: the total not falsifiability. That is impossibility to prove the return in principle. And it not only “Russell`s teapot“ about which we already spoke is a phenomenon both psychological - here and desire to be considered clever, and a self-consolation (time at all so, it is not so bad)...

An exit only one - at once to bring them in a bur.

What is it? the Bur - the list of users to which the moderator forbade access to a forum or the personal magazine. From the word “ban“ (see). Usually bring users who do not react to remarks and requests in it to stop a flame (see flood). From there is an expression: “Stuck like a bur“.

The phenomenon is known since ancient times that proves that in those days there were already chats and forums:

Stuck kak bathing list, ot vas not to get rid... (Ostrovsk_y. Komik XVII stolet_ya.)

Stuck like a bur (i.e. as a leaf from a bath broom to a body; colloquial) stuck to somebody constantly. (Explanatory dictionary of Ushakov. D. N. Ushakov. 1935) to

It is interesting that most often people from the former Soviet Union adhere to the most primitive exposing versions, probably being proud of itself: me will not part, I am cleverer than the whole world, all art critics, medical experts and political scientists! All of them were deceived, but I opened everything! Weights - that gold!

Well, too occupation. It is not worse, than at a cat.