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About what the nightingale - the robber“ Ivana Okhlobystina whistles “?

Russian revolt... Terribly! Senselessly! Ruthlessly! You want chaos, want that all failed? That again the brother on the brother?! You want revolt?

Why none of the authorities think seriously of its opportunity? Why the President at a meeting with a public asset surely also dogmatizes that in our country nobody wants any revolutions? Is it confident in it?

Yes, we do not want revolutions. All of us need the world and quiet confidence in tomorrow. And if it was, this confidence, such movies as “A nightingale - the robber“ with Ivan Okhlobystin in a leading role were hardly born. The movie - break, the movie - grotesque, the movie - shout! If the people welcome such heroes, so their time here - here will come. Or already came? The movie goes with a bang.

History shows us that any people always in big love had robbers protecting the poor offended, oppressed. Those who restored (even if in the same predatory ways) justice and the truth. Stenka Razin, Yemelyan Pugachev, Ivan Bolotnikov - all this our history. Here and Robin Hood - the national defender of the English poor. These names very famous for each of us. And who will disabuse me that such here Robin Hood - not dream of the average Russian citizen?

“A nightingale - the robber“ it is possible to call the movie on Ivan Okhlobystin`s scenario a homespun truth about our life. Perhaps, even the concealed dream of those who do not believe in justice and legality of the state and its representatives any more.

Critics write that the director Egor Baranov did not manage to open the grandiose scenario of Okhlobystin fully. And nevertheless, the movie became the real Russian western. Everything in the movie answers it is behavior, clothes, the speech of heroes. A white leather raincoat of the Nightingale - the robber, his motorcycle (it is unimportant that not a wild mustang), on a colt (if I am not mistaken in brand) in each hand! All this to the place, also cannot be differently.

They say that many books need to be able to be read between lines. Exactly there is something intimate - sacral, having understood which, will understand soul of the book. And so in the movie there is a lot of it that sounds “between words“. Who remembers the song about the village of Kryukovo where the whole platoon of soldiers died, protecting the native earth? Analogy to the movie - the village of Klyuevo where the national defender Solovyov Sevastian - the Nightingale - the robber perishes with “platoon“. Perishes, battling as the epic hero. For the Russian land, for the simple oppressed person deprived of civil rights. Perishes that the evil disappeared from its native face of the earth. “For me the village, and for you - a casino“ - he says in response to the offer to be given.

Probably, by rules, in this last fight of the Nightingale and his colleagues the viewer (as the respectable citizen of the country) has to be of the opinion of soldiers. Soldiers are urged to destroy the criminal - the Nightingale. Only for some reason well up in the face of the audience of a tear when the sword sparkles in hands of the Nightingale and to the right - on the left fly away engineer shovels. And in this last cruel fight with the predictable end, you take the part of the robber who is purer also poryadochny, than his opponents.

When the hero understands what not to win to him this battle, he sets fire to the gasoline poured on all field, perishes itself, but carries away with himself and those who came to protect a falsehood. Whether this last episode of the movie with legendary Danko`s feat, lit with the lit heart the road to national happiness has something in common?

Rebels are sparks - harbingers of a big flame. Also it is necessary to try that the flame did not start to blaze it. It is possible to cage, of course, the rebel, it is possible to kolesovat and chetvertovat him.

But whether it will be more correct to think of the reasons of appearance of such here rebels? Here about it is precautionary whistle of the Nightingale - the robber.